Zipper Turtleneck Shirt Makes The High Collar No Longer Simple!

After the New Year, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and the neck feels colder and colder. The high-necked blouse can add extra points to the warmth, and it also gives the spirit.

Wearing a normal high-necked collar may make the neck looks a bit “empty”. It’s too annoying to spend time to choose a necklace to match, so the fashionable girl chooses a zippered high collar instead.

There is a line on the collar which can visually show the neck longer, and a short-necked girl can also wear it. And the zipper style brings a cool feeling to the knitting, plus it can adjust the height of the collar according to the temperature, and the practicality is greatly improved.

1.Pure Color Zipper Turtleneck Shirt

The pure color style high collar is the easiest to wear, and there is no limit on the matching. The metal zipper head of the neckline adds detail, and the vertical zipper make the neck looks slimmer.

2.Patterned Zipper Turtleneck Shirt

The woven patterned stripe is similar to a sweater, adds a zipper that can be necklined. Relatively speaking, it is more difficult than the solid color style, and it is an advanced version. Such a large checkered trench coat and checkerboard bottom is a “more is more” styling route, the grass green pockets outline the waistline also dissolves the problem of whole body red.

3.Letter Zipper Turtleneck Shirt

Compared to pure color or stitching patterns, the young street attributes of the letters are more prominent. The graffiti-bottomed hem is stuffed into the wide-leg trousers, and the trousers are wide open to reveal the boots, and the electric light purple fur coat is very innovative.

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