You Look Beautiful in A Turtleneck Sweater!

It is said that fashion is a never-ending reincarnation. Who can think that the turtleneck sweater becomes a hot fashion item this season. No matter how lazy to dress in daily life, as long as you put on a slim turtleneck sweater, your overall look will be fashion immediately.

Looking back at the Fall/Winter Fashion Week, from Gucci to Prada to Tommy Hilfiger, both the sporty and the ladies’ models have pushed out sweaters and pieces with high-collar designs.

Turtleneck sweaters inevitably give people a feel of “Formal”, but that’s why it makes it ideal for everyday commuting and work. Matching with simple long trousers and fashionable high heels, and then put on an imposing coat, so that the style is simple and comfortable, classic will not go wrong.

Turtleneck sweaters have two major trends in this autumn and winter show. One is the popularity of coarse-knit turtleneck sweaters, and the other is the high-neck style of fine knits. Their drop-shoulder design is the gospel of girls who has big skeletons. Tired of wearing a coat and fearing that they are monotonous and tasteless? It’s better to try the jacket. The gentle turtleneck sweater softens the tough line of the jacket.

If you can only pick one piece for winter, a turtleneck sweater is the best choice. No one can resist the elegant temperament brought by matching with the side slit skirt, even in the cold winter can make you feel sexy. With a tight skirt, it’s exquisite, and it’s stylish and not exaggerated. If you want to keep warm and stylish, the addition of leather skirt is a good choice. Simply inserting the bottom of the sweater into the skirt will make the overall look more neat, revealing a little ankle and breaking the dull atmosphere.

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