What Should We Wear In Spring?

Winter is coming to an end, how can you not prepare for spring clothes first? Today is the spring must-have, and super versatile jacket, it is handsome and casual while still capable, small suit!

To say the popularity of small suits, look at the wear on the street, winter can be taken inside, single wear is also a lot of style, no longer the kind of rigid workplace dress, it becomes more avant-garde.

Worried that the match is not good-looking, the simplest is the complete set, so the color is uniform, the material is retro with corduroy, the velvet is very hot this year, as well as cotton, these are more breathable and lighter, more suitable for spring and summer, so the choice of suit is still quite large.

The special fire plaid element continues to the top of the suit is not a violation, whether it is black and white plaid, brown plaid or color plaid, there is a strong retro style, you can load the hand from the plaid west, wild does not go wrong!

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