These 3 Shirts Make You Beautiful Throughout The Spring!

First: Pink Shirt

In the spring of 2019, the girl’s sensation was particularly popular, so the pink shirt stood out as the first choice for this spring’s shirt.

Compared to the white shirt, the pink shirt seems to be very close. Therefore, pink is best suited to use the soft and elegant material to set off this sweetness, such as satin, knit, etc., to meet a variety of matching needs.

On the basis of this sweetness, it is best to add some details such as lace, bow, and polka dots to make the solid color look thinner and more stereoscopic.

When it comes to its combination, black items are undoubtedly the best option. Judging from the style of fashionable ladies and sisters, the sweetness of using black and pink is the most frequently used combination.

Second: Neckline Lace-up Shirt

This year, it’s really popular with the girl’s sense of style, so the tie shirt is a logical entry into the list worth buying. More conventional is the purple Gucci shirt worn by King Kate, which is a good choice for everyone.

The materials selected by the bloggers will be more daring than kate, and they will be more selective from the lens.

If you don’t want to dress so formal, you can consider it like a tulle texture, it is very light, and it doesn’t feel too formal and rigorous.

Among them, the most distinctive one is Zara’s neckline lace-up shirt. Currently, there are two styles of emerald green and polka dot. There are pure black and leopard styles before, and it is very red on INS.

Third: Short-sleeved White Shirt

Strictly speaking, it is not the time for short-sleeved shirts, but the latest trends can be understood. CHANEL’s shirt directly “detonated” this trend, and brought the short-sleeved white shirt back to the public.

This year’s spring and summer on the runway also produced a lot of good-looking short-sleeved white shirts, such as Chloé and Burberry, models are equipped with a skirt, but the style is very different.

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