There’s Only One Super Large Lapel Jacket Between You and The “Trendsetter”!

Cold or warm is no longer a “compulsory subject” in winter. How to dress well in the cold winter is a topic worth discussing. The lapel jacket is an indispensable warmth choice in the winter of snow, and it almost occupies the wardrobe of every person, but only the super large lapel jacket is the choice of the Trendsetter.

Speaking of the collar’s stylish jacket, there are actually many styles to choose from. But with the advancement of the times, fashion naturally cannot stop the step. Nowadays, even the “collar” is more and more styled under the guidance of fashion. The informality has never been the style of the trendsetter, and the beauty of the “Super” is already the vane of fashion.

The black down jacket in the picture is very bright under the large lapels, although it is only black and white, it still does not appear monotonous. In addition, the black belt’s waist effect is better to highlight the line. Black high-necked inside and boots are not uncommon, but the super-wide wide collar makes the vision more malleable, but it has a contraction effect on the belt, let people clap their hands together for this looks.

The overalls and high-heeled boots in the picture have already explained the essence of this set: it’s chic. Coupled with the combination of a wide collar and jumping colors, it is the finishing touch. The blue color on the outside of the jacket is complemented with the overalls. The cool color matching is broken by the color on the wide collar. The combination of cool and warm colors is a big watching point. Plus the careful design on the collar makes this match look Cool and full of flavor.

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