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Summer Is Also Suitable For Wearing Wide-leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are a fashionable item that is very trendy and also relatively temperamental. However, wide-leg pants are not a good match, it is a bit picky about body and height. And the girls who will match, regardless of their size, can also wear a sense of fashion, especially temperament.

You can wear wide-leg pants in different seasons throughout the year. In winter, you can choose wide-leg pants. You can put cotton trousers and long trousers inside to keep warm. It is a very good choice. So, the summer weather is so hot, is it suitable to wear wide-leg trousers? The answer is, of course, affirmative, and it is also suitable for wearing wide-leg pants in summer.

So, how do you match it to look better? In fact, a simple T-shirt with wide-leg pants can make a sense of fashion, simple and temperament. And the T-shirt will not grab the limelight of wide-leg pants. Thin and tall girls, naturally needless to say, how to wear, have a height advantage, wearing is very capricious.

Moreover, the style and color of wide-leg pants are many, and there are many choices for everyone. Straight pants, micro-brown pants, bell-bottoms, and other wide-leg pants styles, have a pair of slim long legs, how to wear them. You can also show your good body with the shape of wide-leg pants.

In order to show their perfect body proportions, or to the girls who want to show off their bodies, they often choose high-waist T-shirts, navel suits and wide-leg pants, which are particularly fashionable and stylish. A supermodel body and gas field. Of course, the premise is that the figure is good, otherwise it is easy to expose your body’s small defects.

The Summer Of The Hipster’s Starts From The Slashed Trousers

Open trousers are cooler than ordinary trousers, but they have their own personality. The design of the end of the footsteps also perfectly shows your carefully matched shoes.

If you choose 7 or 9 points of trousers, you can also show your legs fine. In short, the open pants are a very compromised item that can be worn all year round.

Another collocation point is to put on the waist jacket covering the hips, put on high heels, and enlarge each of your advantages.

When the tight-leg pants are paired with sneakers, the upper body can also be worn less elegantly, and it can be worn with T-shirts and denim jackets.

The wide-leg pants that were opened were blown by the wind or walked a big step, and there was a kind of trousers. In the summer, the wide-leg pants at the bottom are cooler than ordinary wide-leg pants, and will not let the lower body suffocate in the pants.

The wide-leg pants in front of the open are more free and easy when walking, inadvertently revealing your big white legs, full of sexy.

If you are not tall enough, choose a pair of wide-leg pants that are similar in color to hate. Wide-leg pants are more eye-catching, so just make the overall color uniform.

The wide-leg pants of the cowboy look more volume, and the opening can weaken this feeling. For example, this one, cut a knife diagonally, with a little edge, look very straight leg-shaped.

Chiffon wide-leg pants can be both vertical and elegant. If you want to be a holiday, wear the same flowing top.

Have you ever thought about wearing a pair of trousers? A whole set can be worn out effortlessly, and the bib with sneakers is a symbol of youthful vitality.

What Kind of Wide-leg Pants Are The Most Beautiful?

1.Sports Side Striped Pants

The sporty style is the same, and the single items on the street are tasted sweet. In the past, a small group of young people loved to wear, which fashion is not loved now?

Strong color contrast is full of vitality, can not help but reminiscent of high school uniforms, pay attention to the upper body properly slim, or the whole person will look a lot, not wearing a loose margin seems old-fashioned.

Since there is a focus on the side yellow-green contrast stripes, it is not monotonous with a simple black sweater, and the whole body is easy and smooth, suitable for everyday wear.

The wearing method of stacking baseball uniforms and sweaters is an advanced version. The number of pieces is relatively large, and the color should pay attention to control and streamline.

The short-sleeved shirt is used as a jacket to reveal the side of the sweatpants of the sweatpants. It is easy to use the bathhouse slippers.

The sable purple top and the trousers of the trousers echo, the visual effect is coherent, and the short pleats on the neckline of the short-sleeved sweater bring a playful and lovely atmosphere.

2.Straight Side Striped Pants

The spliced stripes on the dark background are bright, and the long straight version of the leg is a perfect way to eliminate the wide and small short legs in minutes.

The Houndstooth Tweed Jacket gives the striped pants a rich French style, and the blue lines on the sides are like guide lines, making the shape very powerful.

I didn’t expect the embroidered pajama pants to be combined with the side stripes. The bright blue color makes the gorgeous retro patterns full of modernity and is compatible with both.

Sweaters, small white shoes, classic model girls off work look, jacket can be freely changed according to the climate, leather jacket is suitable for spring season.

It can also be paired with a simple sweater, with a relaxed upper body and a neat body. Like the straight sweater of Wconcept, the designer deliberately made the creases of the trousers very obvious, which enhanced the feeling of draping. At the same time, it also added a few more “invisible” stripes, which was minimal and not exaggerated.

Olivia Palermo uses shirts and sweater vests to create a sophisticated lady style, not to mention the sweater’s red mouth and pants echo, quite elegant.

Wide-leg Pants Wear Guides, Create A Youthful Style

For the high-grade and slim black wide-leg pants, do you think about it? The top is chosen to have a high-neck sweater with a sense of high-grade, loose style, will give you a full sense of comfort. And with a pair of black sneakers on the feet to match, full of stylish and casual style.

Black is simply the savior of a fat girl, and this black look, don’t know if you are interested? Black sweater + black leather wide-leg pants, showing the perfect texture and fashion sense, creating a young vitality.

Want to be more energetic, when the weather is really warm, choose a yellow shirt, so that your look can be more spring. The wearing method of the cloaked corner is practical and fashionable, and it can show you a good figure in minutes.

For solid color wide-leg pants, there are advantages and disadvantages, how to wear a little fairy, this is a test of the little fairy’s matching skills. The plaid wide-leg pants are completely different, not only can bring you a sense of fashion, but also our unconventional. In the early spring, it is warm and cold, and the black bottoming shirt has its own eye-catching attributes. Do you like this casual lazy wear?

The early spring is warm and cold, and the cool black leather coat is really an indispensable item for the little fairy to show the neutral wind. And very simple dark blue wide-leg pants, completely will not let the little fairy fall. If you want to say that black leather is difficult to match, then denim wide-leg pants are the best choice.

To put it bluntly, the matching of the same color system is an old-fashioned topic, and certainly cannot escape. The advanced green system brings vitality and vitality in the spring. Are you fascinated by the expensive and thin velvet wide-leg pants? Plus a green sweater, it adds a feeling of elegance.

Spring Blossoms, When Shirts Meet Wide-leg Pants!

Whether it is fashionable people or super stars, they all use white shirts to make a concave shape. In the spring season, when the shirt meets the wide-leg pants, what fun and interesting story will happen? Next, look at this article.

When the blue and white striped shirts meet the solid color wide-leg pants, they are simple and versatile, and they are not monotonous nor full of fashion fun. The shirt is tied into the wide-leg pants, and the straps are designed to easily show the waist of the little fairy. The strappy shoes with thick heels can be high in personality. The white color makes the skin white and tender.

Black and white is the simplest color combination in the fashion world. No matter how to wear it, will not make people find faults. The shirt is added to the V-neck design to add a stylish personality to the look. When the white shirt meets the black wide-leg pants, the classic looks good. The silk scarf with polka dots on the neck gives you a sense of warmth.

Who said that white is not thin? In the spring season, the temperature is gradually picking up, and the clothes of the little fairies are gradually decreasing. Loose white shirts, are the little fairies all started? With denim wide-leg pants with holes, you can show off your personality and make you look good.

Whenever the season is changed, the biggest trouble is the problem of large temperature difference. In fact, the temperature difference is not so terrible, a jacket can easily get the problem, what is the little fairy still worried about? White shirt + denim wide-leg pants, classic matching, to complete your high fashion sense. The irregular cut of the trousers adds a look to the look. The orange shoes on the feet add a full range of vitality.

How To Wear Denim Wide-Leg Pants? There Are Tips!

Fashion is not only beautiful, but also a cultural pursuit. In the feminism movement in the fashion circle in recent years, the designer seeks a kind of softness and flexibility on the basis of feminine femininity, and the mix of wide-leg jeans and suits is the same. Collision creates a novelty of fashion.

Denim wide-leg pants, if paired with the same retro-style double-breasted and checkered suits, strengthen the overall style and reproduce the fashion trends of the 1970s and 1980s.

When choosing denim wide-leg pants, if you directly get into the denim wide-leg pants bib in one go, you will save your troubles for matching. In the denim wide-leg pants, a bottoming sweater is worn inside the trousers, and it is easy to leave the street without losing the chic feeling. You can hold a scene by wearing a dignified suit and a warm teddy bear jacket.

If you are wearing denim wide-leg pants, you can use the same color to match the uniform and distinctive personality, with a clean line of denim jacket, the color preserves a minimalist style, but the whole is full of avant-garde Stylish atmosphere.

The loose trouser legs and the dancing streamers illuminate each other. The denim wide-leg pants are paired with the deconstructed and divided scarf-type streamer tops to bring a taste of life and bring a beautiful visual feast.

Windbreaker, The Most Indispensable Fashion Item For Season!

The trench coat full of British charm has always been the most indispensable style for fashion people in this season.

Windbreakers are available every year, but they can wear different tastes every year. I like the design of the waterproof cover at the back of the windbreaker and the front gun block, which looks very thin from the front.

A soft turtleneck sweater in a khaki trench coat, gentle and intellectual, is the most commonly used matching technique in the workplace icon.

For the windbreaker, the longer is more fashionable, and there will be a swaying gap between the hem and the trousers, and the walk is naturally windy.

Windbreaker + shirt is a classic dress, you can wear it handsomely, or you can tie it up.

In addition to the classic khaki trench coat, this year’s very hot blue is very Korean Style wearing method to brighten the skin.

Jeans, as the world’s most versatile choice, it is equipped with a windbreaker, full of attack!

Windbreaker and wide-leg pants are not only fashion, but also have a large number of styles. If you feel that the wide-leg pants and windbreaker are not chic enough, you can also change into a Drainpipe Jeans to perform the daring temperament.

It can save the trouble of matching but also can stretch the body shape, one piece dress is your safety card!

The skirt adds a sense of layering, and the inside and outside echo each other, confident and charming.

Coolest leather skirt with retro windbreaker, accidental co-production, this is especially recommended that you wear a bright pu skirt, very eye catching.

If the younger girls feels too mature, try using a sweater to  match.

Sweater + Wide-leg Pants, The Most Fashionable Matching of 2019

In such a cold and windy season, we always want to wear the warmest of all. But the down jacket is too bloated, the coat is not warm enough, so the warm and fashionable item in winter is only the sweater.

In the season of being fat, sweaters + wide-leg pants are a weapon to cover the meat! To know that this year’s sweater+wide-leg pants is becoming the most fashionable, comfortable, warmest and most lazy match this winter!

Put the sweater into the wide-leg pants and add a belt. This short upper and long lower wearing method is suitable for small people, below the waist is full of legs. Wide-leg pants can choose this kind of ruffled.

My favorite is still the sweater stuffed in half. Just plug a little bit to show the waist line on the line, seemingly casual is actually a heart machine, high and stylish.

You can plug the thick sweater in the middle, just plug it a little, you can make the proportion on the front side better, the whole look will not seems too casual.

It is also good to put it all in. This method is more suitable for a slightly thinner sweater, which can highlight the proportion and make the upper body thinner.

Also, a short sweater with high-waist wide-leg pants can directly raise the waistline by 15 cm without bragging.

A high-necked bottoming shirt inside, wearing a sweater outside, V-neck will look better. This look is OK whether it is matching with sneakers or high heels.

If you are not afraid of cold, you can properly expose your most slim clavicle and shoulders, not only fashionable, but also super slim.