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T-shirt + Expansion Skirt, The Unique Elegance Of Summer

Everyone wears T-shirts in the summer, but the simple T-shirts, because of the prime, can be combined with countless styles and styles. The most elegant everyday LOOK, it is necessary to count T-shirts with large swing skirts.

T-shirts with a large swing skirt Simply put, there is a sense of everyday wear and a little gorgeous dress. The length of the skirt is properly selected, and the ankles are exposed, and the legs are thin.

The pleated skirt’s pleats are exquisite and craftsmanship, and the straight lines are very Man, elegant and every woman. Choose a bright coral red pleated skirt with a pair of red flat sandals. At this time, you can fit the lower body with a dark color that is not too bright.

Using the same color is certainly the safest and most effective, including your handbag. The striped pleated skirt will make your hips look less wide.

The rich mix of colors is skillful, and the blue-green color scheme gives a very refreshing feeling. But be careful not to be too average for the two colors, otherwise, it will appear to be unfocused.

The long umbrella skirt with T-shirt is simple and succinct, but pay attention to the umbrella skirt must choose high waist, or have a waist seal, so as to maximize the shape of the umbrella skirt from thin to wide.

Leather smock with T-shirt, sexy and fashionable, choose the same material as the umbrella skirt, and the same color as the booties, it is enough to combine your shoes with a pair of shoes.

The beginning of the cake skirt is named after a layer of cakes, but the traditional cake skirt is a bit complicated, like cosplay, so it is slowly transformed into irregular or reduced laminate to reduce the thickness.

This kind of cake skirt is also very particular about the choice of fabrics, and it is generally more common in medium and long sections because it is too short and the original layering is easy to have a dragging visual effect.

Sweater + Skirt, The Most Beautiful Match of 2019!

1.Sweater+Pleated Skirt

The romantic and versatile pleated skirt has always been the best partner for sweaters. It adds a touch of elegant literary temperament and can also weaken the thick feel of the sweater, making your look lighter and more elegant.

The most advanced is the same color matching method of the same color, can collide with a distinct layering, simply win a lot.

2.Sweater+Printed Skirt

The easiest and most decent is to use the basic color sweater with your various print skirts, a simple and more sophisticated, so that you are beautiful and elegant.

The color of the sweater can also be echoed with the printed skirt. The beautiful and full of overlook feeling, the eye-catching index will be even higher.

In addition to the floral skirt, the retro literary plaid skirt + sweater is also very suitable for the New Year to wear the tone of choice, revealing a low-key yet elegant feeling.

3.Sweater+Irregular Umbrella Skirt

Sweaters + Irregular Umbrella Skirt have always been the standard combination of the least picking. The wide skirt not only comes with elegant labels, but also perfectly hides your leg defects. However, this combination is also too common and easy to appear ordinary, so you may wish to directly choose a more personalized irregular design, you can immediately upgrade the trend, the rate of return.

It is recommended that the irregular hem of this oblique cut design is full of bright spots to help you stand out from the crowd.