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Want Swan Neck? A V-neck Is Enough.

Very simple, the V-neck piece completely releases the neck and easily achieves a face-lift effect. The design of the V-neck can not only visually stretch the neckline, but also show the beautiful “Swan neck”, and the sexy collarbone can also be released.

Therefore, the V-neck shirt came in handy, and the long-sleeve V-neck shirt with a clear shoulder line was chosen because the stiff effect of the shoulder line treatment can make the shoulder visually appear upward, thus weakening the shoulder-slipping effect of the trapezius muscle. The neck is naturally stretched.

Rosie Huntington Whitley’s pink satin shirt, the pleats on the shoulders lift the shoulders, and the trapezius muscles are flush with the folds of the shirt, with a red embroidered skirt.

The subtlety of the palace style is the puff sleeves, the shoulder line position is raised upwards, the shoulders are naturally high, and the girls with developed trapezius muscles are very good.

A large open black and white check shirt top with puff sleeves and a nude skinny skirt. This choice is where the flaws are exposed, just as the V-neck just reveals the trapezius muscle, and the loose neckline subtly connects the trapezius muscle to the shoulder in a more gentle way, which is no longer abrupt.

If your chin is fleshy and looks like a big neck and a short neck, then the V-neck dress can divert attention. A beautiful sexy V-neck dress full of French style, you can immediately shift the line of sight that others stare at your chin, and focus on the beautiful dress. The V-neck has a small face effect, and the chest is exposed. The skin can still be long and round.

The refreshing and clean green dress is loose and comfortable, and it is slim and young. The thin shoulder line is connected to the skin on the chest to form a downward trend. Naturally, there is a V-face effect, and the meat chin is gone.

The mango-colored chiffon dress is playful and elegant, the soft material has a dangling texture, and the elastic waist can lift the waistline up to form the illusion of the shirt + skirt, revealing slender legs.

Wear A Blue Dress In The Summer To Show Your Literary Style

This wrap-around blue dress is relatively more aggressive and more suitable for the little fairy in the workplace. The neckline is V-shaped, which has the effect of extending the neck, fresh and feminine. If you are worried about the deck space, the little fairy can be decorated with a delicate necklace to make the swan neck more attractive. A dark blue shoulder bag, a look of different shades, the shape has become very colorful.

In the summer, a blue dress with chiffon is used, which gives the little fairy a more feminine temperament. The shoulder is a shoulder-shouldered design that highlights sexy femininity.

The bright red pointed strap sandals give this hot summer a refreshing taste. Say goodbye to the little white dress, the blue dress of the Polo shirt style, injects a sense of fashion into the overall wear. Everyone knows that since the ancient red and blue is a couple, so this kind of match, the personality style is played in minutes.

The design that loves this kind of print is very detailed and full of sincerity. And a pair of red pointed sandals, in fact, with the above set, have the same effect, so wear a blue dress in summer, this time, you can consider the red shoes, very good wearing a sense of confidence.

The red pointed flat shoes can instantly lengthen the proportion of the little fairy’s legs, bid farewell to the little white dress, use the blue dress of the doll collar to reduce the age, and immediately open the summer eye-catching mode.

And this set, thick red sandals, plus the help of a blue dress, show your fresh literary style.

A Collared Shirt, Show Your Beautiful Collarbone.

In the late spring and summer solstice, it is time to reveal the white skin, and people can’t move their eyes! A word collar shirt is difficult to wear? How is it possible to show off the beautiful shoulders, whether it is matched with trousers or skirts, showcasing high-quality clothes, and let you feel the beauty of early summer.

Want to be an 18-year-old girl? That match with your body will make you shine. Get blue collar shirt, smart and beautiful shoulders are very charming, encounter blue hole jeans, showing the full personality, let you feel the beauty of early summer. Foot-printing Lofer shoes, comfortable and age-reducing, quietly wearing a gentle and graceful lady, full of vitality value, are you heart-warming?

The wave point element is enduring and popular with fashion. A word collar shirt is difficult to wear? Choose a black one-neck shirt, show off the charming clavicle and swan neck, even more elegant, let you feel the beauty of early summer. The lower part of the body chooses a white wild cake skirt to satisfy your girl’s heart and create a creative lady. Gold high-heeled sandals, simple and stylish, show a tall figure, full of energy.

Blue-violet velvet shirts, as well as blue-skinned jeans, are beautiful and beautiful, with a style and a pull of the wind, with a sense of high-grade in the neat, creating a sense of atmosphere. The pointed Muller shoes with rivet design, with a hint of playfulness in the handsome, let you stand out in the crowd.

If you want to be pickier, then don’t miss this look. The white one-neck shirt is very charming. It is washed with whitened denim shorts. It has a hint of freshness in the streamlined, so you can feel the beautiful summer. With small white shoes on the feet, it is full of youth and vitality, creating a leisure art style.

Choose a water blue wave point collar shirt, encounter blue hole jeans, can not hide the ocean, let you feel the beauty of early summer. Put the wave-pointed collar shirt into the jeans, increase the waistline and add a touch of femininity, and create a chic goddess, beautiful. Color matching small high-heeled, more than a little higher, let you easily have a return rate.

Coat + Knit Skirt, Full of Warm And Feminine!

In the cold winter, the coat is a well-deserved warmth, with both temperature and grace. But there are still many people who want to wear skirts. What should we do? Secretly telling you that the knit skirt is the most dominant skirt in winter, this is undoubted. In the winter, If you want to be beautiful, choose a coat + knit skirt, and show warmth and softness.

Black and white form a sharp contrast, creating a strong visual of impact. Choose a black coat + beige white knit dress, add a touch of intellectuality, and show warmth and softness. The v-neck design of the beige knit skirt is beautifully presented with a charming clavicle and swan neck. With black pointed booties on your feet, simple and uncommon, are you excited?

Pure and innocent white, giving people a fresh and refined atmosphere, it is very embarrassing! Choosing a white teddy bear coat and encountering a camel knit skirt, the temperament is not noble, and the elegant feeling is coming to the surface, showing a warm and feminine style. With black boots on your feet, you can show your tall figure and it’s just right. Have you learned it?

If you want to be more picky, then this body pair definitely won your heart. If you want to counterattack in the winter, how can you lack the enthusiasm red? Pick red leather coat, and orange-red knit skirt, very eye-catching , to meet your girl’s heart, full of warm and feminine. Stepping on the golden high heels on the feet, it shows a romantic femininity, so that you can easily win the return rate.