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You Need A Sun-protective Shirt In Summer.

Sun protection is the most important topic in summer. We prefer the troublesome sun umbrella instead of wearing sun protection clothing. Most of the reason may be that the long sleeves are too hot and it is not easy to wear fashionable clothes. In fact, to cope with the daily weather, you may wish to try these types of beautiful and immortal sun protection clothing.

Silk gown: In addition to functional sun protection, the most commonly used to protect the sun is a variety of cardigans. If you have a silk satin long cardigan is the best, the silk satin fabric is more sleek and easy to care for the whole body, but also comes with elegant and cool temperament.

These gowns are recommended to be worn with casual and casual items, such as irregular jeans, irregularly tailored dresses, etc. If paired with a formal dress, it will drown out the elegance of the summer gown.

If you want to wear a street feel, you can also try a short jacket or a popular item. Including the material of the shirt skirt, can also be worn as a sunscreen gown, the style is more cool than the silk satin cardigan.

If you like temperament, you can use a long gown with shorts, better than a long skirt.

Light and breathable shirt: If you don’t have the above items, you can also try to get the most common shade in your closet. In summer, you need to have enough length to shade, and you need to be refreshed and comfortable. You can choose some. Breathable or lightweight material.

Cotton and linen: cotton and linen are common fabrics in summer. Even long-sleeved trousers and even thin coats will have better breathability.

Organza: The clothes made of organza are very common in the summer. These fabrics are generally very contoured. They are more transparent and can be worn with summer straps and dresses.

T-shirt + Short Skirt, Stylish For A Whole Summer

Summer is actually a beautiful season. Girls tend to wear skirts, dress up their beauty, and then go to a romantic relationship with the goddess.

The classic and eye-catching white T-shirt, Gucci’s brand, is really good. T-shirt with an irregular plaid skirt, can not stop the retro tide. Little fairy with a pair of black ugly sandals, very fashionable.

To be refreshed, don’t be sultry, or you are familiar with the black and white, but wear the temperament of a lady, for example, a pair of well-wearing black shoes, turned into the most eye-catching fashionistas in summer, simple and generous and temperament.

T-shirts with slings, which are very sexy and sultry in the summer, and the short skirt with leather, invisible reveals a different kind of feminine charm, temperament, and body. The little fairy is still troubled in summer slings do not know how to take it? This should be the best model.

The dark gray printed T-shirt looks very sexy, and the loose version, even the little fat little fairy, can feel the perfect comfort when worn. The little man also wants to show charm, the yellow half-length skirt, the youthful vibrancy, the unique version of the tailoring design, makes the overall look very interesting. Putting the clothes into the skirt, it seems to be not procrastinating.

For a simpler look, the same color look is perfect for you. The black T-shirt with printed embellishment makes them look less boring. The T-shirt with a short skirt, all T-shirts into the skirt, highlighting the slim waist, full of femininity. The hand-held red bag is also able to make a good return for the shape of the little fairy.

The Hot Nine Pants, The Right Choice Of Shoes Is Critical!

  1. Nine Pants + Small White Shoes

This blue and white look is more interesting than the one with the same color, and this pair of cp comes with a refreshing feeling, do not know if the little fairy across the screen also feel it? The hot blue cropped trousers, whether it is with the top or the bottom, can be grouped with cp. And when I meet with the little white shoes, I feel more interesting. After all, the ankles are there, and the uppercase is charming.

Denim cropped trousers, not only have a hole design but also the hem of the hem, the shape is so rich. Choosing the right pair of shoes is crucial, even if it is a pair of small white shoes on the feet, it will not make people feel monotonous.

2.Nine Pants + Canvas Shoes

The sling is out, it’s really refreshing to wear it in the summer. The little fairy only needs a pair of cowboy cropped trousers with a flanging edge to make it easy for you to reveal your ankle. Choosing the right pair of shoes is very important. If you give a pair of dark green canvas shoes, you can create a different kind of beauty.

What color canvas shoes are the most classic? That is also a black system, how to wear it will not be outdated. Little Fairy only needs a reference white T-shirt with blue denim cropped trousers, which can make you picturesque and interpret summer with fashion.

Finally, let’s take a look at this set of pure white T-shirts with blue cropped trousers. Is it a very fresh seaside smell? The gray canvas shoes that everyone is familiar with, let you avoid cheesy, show the fashionable atmosphere, and wear confidence.

3.Nine Pants + High Heels

I am used to black high heels, can you not try red high heels? Stylish and feminine, and polka-dot shirts, with a stylish interpretation of the summer, let you easily win at the starting line.