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The Most Popular Middle Pants In 2019

First: Bermuda Pants

From the Bermuda pants of the North Atlantic mysterious archipelago, a name can lay a cool and unspoken fashion position. The length of the pants is not too long, and the man is full of enthusiasm, giving an unpredictable explorer temperament.

The combination of Bermuda pants is not difficult, you can try to pick some “outside the territory” items. What is the territory outside? If the Bermuda pants are masculine, then the tops and shoes are best equipped with some more feminine items, such as shirts and bare boots, which show their personality in a seemingly contradictory style.

A denim jacket can also be a choice if you want to be cool on the previous level but don’t want to be a tomboy tomboy. The cowboy is very neutral, with the Bermuda pants casual extension, if you are worried that the style is too tough, you can mix it with a pair of high heels.

When it comes to shoes, Bermuda pants are perfect for a variety of boots. On the one hand, because the temperature in April is still unstable, the spring and autumn can not be wrong. On the other hand, because the Bermuda pants are not short or short, the boots are exposed to a certain shape, which can just modify the leg shape.

Second: Bicycle Pants

The fabric of the cycling pants is strong, breathable and elastic. Originally it was designed to optimize the riding experience, but now it has become a smashing sacred product on the street.

Yes, the best pairing of cycling pants is the suit! Once the tight-fitting stretch pants and the silhouette suit are combined, any rigid collar and gun collar can be eliminated with one button.

In addition, the “salesman” pockets and bags can also go together. Colors can be bold, because riding pants are often brighter, and if the accessories can be ingeniously contrasted, it will show unlimited confidence and vitality.

Suit + Jeans, 2019 Spring Fashion Wear

Everyone has their own style of dressing. The best fashion combination in the spring is suit + jeans.

Plaid is a hot topic in the fashion world. No one season in the year is spared from being disturbed by the plaid. Then, there is no standard answer to fashion. In the spring, choose plaid + suit, with light-colored jeans, exquisite and fashionable. The hem of the trousers is an irregular cut design that highlights the perfect shape.

The gray suit + light-colored jeans with a sense of high-grade, the beautiful minimalist style, but the age is reduced. The inside is our most basic white T-shirt, fresh and white, can enhance the brightness of the shape more than one class.

If you add plaid elements to the high-grade gray, then this sense of luxury can easily catch up with the retro fashion style. This time, the black ones can also be used to create a different kind of beauty. Jeans with a cut-out design add a touch of elegance

The small suit of velvet fabric itself has its own temperament, and the little fairy is the most important step at this moment. The velvet suit + jeans, the contrast between the light and the deep, gives a strong visual impact.

Jeans add a little bit of tailoring, a knife cut design, invisible more than a trace of street fashion. There is no standard answer to fashion, and the gray bottoming shirt creates a practical and free-spirited workplace. The whole person looks very eye-catching and shows a strong gas field. I want to open the spring retro fashion mode. I will pick up the book and remember it. This set is very good.

Pleated Skirt With Suit, Beautiful And Slim!

1.Suit + Elegant Chiffon Pleated Skirt

The sleek suit meets the elegant pleated skirt, conveying the visual effect of softness and softness. This wears to meet the OL’s competent professional sense, without losing the elegance and femininity of women.

The conservative black and blue tones should change slowly with the breath of spring. The color matching of the hipsters is very worth learning and learning!

2.Suit + Geometric Pattern Pleated Skirt

When we choose a suit, we will first choose a solid color, then we want the shape to become three-dimensional, and the striped printed pleated skirt can fully meet our needs. The vertical stripes add a sense of three-dimensionality, and the horizontal stripes emphasize the layering.

The three-dimensional and dynamic geometric pattern pleated skirt is fashionable and advanced!

3.Suit + Irregular Pleated Skirt

Influx of people who are pursuing individuality prefers this asymmetrical design of pleated skirt, which is the most basic irregular design. High-grade grey + white boots highlight the temperament, and the color stitching of the pocket of the suit brings vitality to the shape.

This kind of irregular pleated skirt with a sense of design is different in width and length, so you can earn a good return rate!

Choose a combination of pastel colors to match you with spring.

4.Suit + Pleated Dress

The influx of people headed by Olivia Palermo chose a pleated skirt with a dress style that is simple and easy to use. If you are worried about the color scheme, tell you quietly: the black suit is easy to match with all the pleated skirts!

Suit-style coats can also be used in this way, suitable for tall girls to control.

5.Suit + Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt is full of energy, even if it is a boring suit, it is not only easy to take the college style, but also a pair of slender legs.

If you want to add a pair of suit + pleated skirt to the CP, choose a wide belt or a girdle right, and easily converge the suit to outline the slim waist, but also show the self-cultivation.

Suit + Sneakers, Be The Most Fashionable In 2019 Spring.

Free and easy temperament, not everyone has it. Therefore, by wearing, it is also able to harvest a large applause. This body is also very minimalist, slim black inside + black small suit, is it cool? Pick a pair of small white shoes, so that your black suit is no longer so monotonous and boring, casual and wear a big brand sense.

Color matching casual pants, does it look cool? Full of personality, giving people a feeling of street, casual standing there, is already the coolest girl. What should I do when I go out on the weekend? The familiar black sneakers echoed the black small suit, and casually wear a high-level sense to see the explosion.

Although black and white with classics, but with a little red checkered suit, it will be easier for people to shine, it is easier to bring a full positive energy. The fresh white T with a refreshing touch enhances the brightness of the overall look and can also whiten the skin. What should I do when I go out on the weekend? The lower body is a classic, timeless jeans, and the sporty sneakers are comfortable and beautiful.

Blue is the representative color of the sky and the sea. It has a big sea and a big mind. It is inclusive and super-velvet blue suit + orange sneakers. Both eyes are very eye-catching. I really don’t know which one to pay attention to, so like In this case, it is better to choose one of them, so that you can easily highlight the key points and the return rate will be higher.

A blue shape, simple, but without losing the atmosphere. The white interior, as well as the white sneakers, casually wear a big brand, and give people a comfortable refreshing feeling, very comfortable.

Blue West is equipped with a small red high-necked collar. It is warm and stylish, and it is all well-versed. Does it feel that this kind of contrast can also create such a high-level effect? Therefore, the little fairy can boldly try a variety of color matching, can bring you a lot of surprises. In order to avoid the complexity, the lower body chooses small black pants + sneakers, which is slim, comfortable and casual.

Spring Fashion Wear In 2019: Suit + Jeans

Gray suit + blue jeans, with a sense of high-level in the sleek, creating a free and easy style. Pick the white bottoming shirt, put it into the jeans, improve the waistline and add a little more temperament, the beauty is just right. The dark gray ankle boots on the feet are simple and uncommon.

As we all know, black is the most slim and most resistant to dirt, and it will not go wrong. Choose a black suit + dark blue jeans, with a touch of vintage in the neat, easy to create elegant style. Get a black sweater with a lotus leaf collar, while keeping it warm. With black boots with polka dots on your feet, teach you to wear a golden proportion of body, full of energy!

Pick a fragrant purple suit, and a black bottoming shirt, eye-catching and eye-catching, to meet your girl’s heart, easy to create elegant style. The lower body chooses light blue jeans, and the black bottoming shirt is casually stuffed into the jeans, which lengthens the proportion of the body, and adds a touch of knowledge to the handsome, which makes people shine. White pointed boots on the feet, simple and stylish.

The plaid elements are timeless and are popular with fashion. What to wear in spring? Choose a gray check suit + light blue jeans, very stylish, full of British style, to create a stylish lady style. Get treasure blue small high collar, play the effect of a clear pen, beautiful and outstanding. On the foot, I stepped on a small white high heel with a wave of dots, revealing a small fresh, full of girlish feelings!

Want to be more picky?Then don’t miss this match, the little fairies are coming over! Choose leopard-print suit + light blue jeans, with a touch of elegance in the streamlined, full of personality, easy to create an elegant style. Stepping on the white booties on the feet, the hidden elegance, more than a little bit, let you stand out in the crowd, have you learned?

The color of the dark is not bright enough, and the candy color is the best choice. Pick a tender green suit, encounter light blue jeans, with a touch of chic in the beautiful, easy to create the elegant style. Choose a white bottoming shirt and tuck it into light blue jeans to create a high waistline that will make you an 18-year-old girl. With white high-heeled boots on the feet, it’s an elegant touch that makes it easy to have a return rate.

How To Wear Denim Wide-Leg Pants? There Are Tips!

Fashion is not only beautiful, but also a cultural pursuit. In the feminism movement in the fashion circle in recent years, the designer seeks a kind of softness and flexibility on the basis of feminine femininity, and the mix of wide-leg jeans and suits is the same. Collision creates a novelty of fashion.

Denim wide-leg pants, if paired with the same retro-style double-breasted and checkered suits, strengthen the overall style and reproduce the fashion trends of the 1970s and 1980s.

When choosing denim wide-leg pants, if you directly get into the denim wide-leg pants bib in one go, you will save your troubles for matching. In the denim wide-leg pants, a bottoming sweater is worn inside the trousers, and it is easy to leave the street without losing the chic feeling. You can hold a scene by wearing a dignified suit and a warm teddy bear jacket.

If you are wearing denim wide-leg pants, you can use the same color to match the uniform and distinctive personality, with a clean line of denim jacket, the color preserves a minimalist style, but the whole is full of avant-garde Stylish atmosphere.

The loose trouser legs and the dancing streamers illuminate each other. The denim wide-leg pants are paired with the deconstructed and divided scarf-type streamer tops to bring a taste of life and bring a beautiful visual feast.

What Should We Wear In Spring?

Winter is coming to an end, how can you not prepare for spring clothes first? Today is the spring must-have, and super versatile jacket, it is handsome and casual while still capable, small suit!

To say the popularity of small suits, look at the wear on the street, winter can be taken inside, single wear is also a lot of style, no longer the kind of rigid workplace dress, it becomes more avant-garde.

Worried that the match is not good-looking, the simplest is the complete set, so the color is uniform, the material is retro with corduroy, the velvet is very hot this year, as well as cotton, these are more breathable and lighter, more suitable for spring and summer, so the choice of suit is still quite large.

The special fire plaid element continues to the top of the suit is not a violation, whether it is black and white plaid, brown plaid or color plaid, there is a strong retro style, you can load the hand from the plaid west, wild does not go wrong!

Sports Pants Are No Longer Soiled

In recent years, the retro style is very popular, and the sports pants that carry the memories of our student days have once again swept the fashion circle! How to match the winter sweatpants? We have compiled some autumn and winter sweatpants with templates, let’s learn together!

1.Sport Suits

First of all, starting from the entry-level suit, the black, white and gray tone can’t be wrong. It is recommended to wear sports shoes at the beginning, but we can emphasize it by color contrast, such as black and white, black and red, or blue, green or yellow.

2.Sport Suit+Coat

Directly in the sports suit outside the coat is one of the time-saving and labor-saving fashion matching skills, the combination of temperament windbreaker and sports suit brings a casual and comfortable view, is definitely a winter style tailored for girls.

3.Suit + Sweatpants

The style of the suit is not exclusive to men, telling the truth, girls are even more cool! The sleek suit and sweatpants show the professionalism of the workplace, and will not conflict with the powerful atmosphere of the bosses. It is easy to create a capable and harmless OL style!

4.Down Jacket + Sweatpants

The cold resistance of the down jacket is very good, the style of the down jacket is simple and natural, so the shape of the down jacket + sweatpants can be said to be good-looking no matter how to match, conservative black and white, beautiful colors with free choice, low-key or fashion, all is fine.

How To Match A Suit Better?

A light-sleeved suit has become a daily fashion outfit for fashionistas, but how to match a suit better?

This is a question that makes people well studied. We thinks that the simplest and most eye-catching match is the bootie, and the handsome is more than a little bit.

As we all know, black has a slimming effect on the visual, and it doesn’t make mistakes. How to match a suit better? Choose a black suit, color matching ankle boots to match, style and pull the wind, highlighting the full personality, help you wear a golden proportion of body. Pick a gray sweater, meet blue jeans, streamlined with meticulousness, create a chic and feminine fan, got it?

If you want to be more picky, then this body pair definitely won your heart. Pick black suit, meet the pink bottoming shirt, meet your girl’s heart, simple yet sweet temperament, create a fresh and energetic fan. Bottoms choose black sweatpants, full of youthful vitality, full vitality! Purple booties to help, both style and tone, handsome more than a little bit, eye-catching!

How to match a suit better? Get gray suit, encounter black leggings sweatpants, an elegant sense of the face, to create a goddess of foreign style. With the red boots on the feet, the handsome is more than a little bit, let you become an 18-year-old girl, and the rate of returning is soaring, the gas field is full!

How To Match The Hoodie To Look Better?

Casual Hoodie, whether wear it inside or out, have an innate fashion. We don’t think the sweater will be out of date, it will be with us all the time, even if it is inconspicuous. Then how to match Hoodie to look better? We will recommend you some matching skills for hoodie today.

1.Hoodie+Bomber Jacket

To be more fashionable, the black baseball cap is a good choice to make you stand out from the crowd. Get red hooded sweater, encounter black flight jacket, capable and sweet temperament, choose red velvet sweatpants under the bottom, with a touch of elegance in the streamlined, beautifully just right. Step on the little white shoes on the feet, it’s full of vitality!


Pick black hooded sweater, as well as a gray blazer, with a sense of high-level in the temperament, beautiful. In the dark gray jeans, there is a shape and pull the wind, creating a chic and casual style for you.

3.Hoodie+Denim jacket

The burgundy sweater meets the dark gray denim jacket and is eye-catching. Get black jeans, more fashionable and more slim, eye-catching. The black jeans are nine inches long, show a small ankle, meet the black boots, show a tall figure, very charming!

Pick a red hooded sweater with a blue denim jacket that will make you an 18-year-old girl. Blue ripped jeans and black loafers are full of scent!