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The Most Popular Polka Dots Element This Year

The classic fashion elements can be circulated all the time because it is stylish enough and can be added to a variety of styles and styles. The polka-dot elements are such a long-lasting fashion element. Fashionable big-name items often add this element to their new collections.

Girls with mature temperament can choose polka-dot trousers for their own wear, but try to choose a style with a slender waist and a very loose trouser leg, which can well show our more mature side.

In the hot summer weather, it is also necessary to choose a one-shoulder style for your own. It is best to have a shoulder with a polka dot style. If it is a one-word shoulder and dew in the photo. The top of the navel style is definitely the best choice.

The simple style of the polka-dot will make us look particularly young. We can choose a black background for ourselves, a long-sleeved top with white polka dots, and a white pleated skirt for the lower body.

The ultra-low-cut style dress is especially suitable for the young lady who is dressed in good shape, but it is best to choose a skirt with a slit style, the upper body effect will be like the lady in the photo, fashion and Also sexy.

The one-piece dress with a very small wave point can present a very slim feeling. Therefore, we try to choose a polka-dot dress with double long sleeves. As for the design of the open skirt, it depends on the design. Our own thoughts.

The split skirt does allow us to show our legs and legs, but most open skirts have only one open cut. If we want a more sexy image, choose two open cut skirts.

Girls’ Favorite, White T-shirt + Skirt Combination

Although the T-shirt is the most versatile item, then there are people, why do you wear it is not good? This is very annoying, especially with a white T-shirt as the main item. How would you match it?

Secretly to teach you a trick to dress and win the magic weapon, that is the same color that people love, I believe everyone will understand. For example, if you choose a girl’s favorite white T-shirt + white skirt combination, deep and shallow color, it is very literary. If you feel that your body is not perfect, then the little fairy needs to think a little more about the choice of skirt type.

No matter what color, in the white T-shirt embellishment, it will look very stealthy, just like this little green print, make the style become very interesting. The lower body is matched with a light-colored check skirt, and the design of the split ends makes the woman’s sense of sight doubled easily. It is difficult to think about it. With the red witch shoes on your feet, you can easily earn a good turn.

If you are the guardian of the minimalist style, then this black and white must not be missed. Girls’ favorite white T-shirt + black and white checkered skirt combination, simple yet high-quality, stylish and classic. The thong sandals are worn on the foot, which is light, casual and comfortable.

Still a pure white T-shirt, it can also be used with a pink split skirt, adding a touch of mature women’s charm. The material of the corduroy makes the shape more distinctive, simple and feminine. The footsteps are the most popular grandmother’s shoes recently, classic retro yet feminine.

Teach You How To Match The Split Skirt

Today I am going to introduce a straight skirt that is suitable for commuting. Speaking of this style, the first emerging image in many people’s minds is Samantha in “Sex and the City”. This American drama is the fashion enlightenment of many people. Samantha is particularly capable and individual. In fact, the straight skirt is also such a style.

Open the straight skirt can cover the legs, with a large span, can be sexy or cold, I believe you have a wardrobe.

This style was once popular, but it was not so hot in the past two years. In fact, it is very good to create a fashionable and stylish look. When you see this article, try to open the closet and use a straight skirt to evoke another heart full of fashionable bacteria.

Of course, you can also try some colors, more street fashion. For example, a vest that I never thought of. Pull up the sleeves of the shirt to reveal the arm, so that the upper body will not be too heavy, and the color of the shirt will not be too eye-catching to make the overall match lose its brilliance.

Putting sweaters on your shoulders in spring is a tried and tested match, so please take out the brightest sweater in your closet. It is no longer a dream to tie your waist to make your legs two meters long.

Blue and white is always a classic. If you are an office worker, pick a shirt that is ingenious, and wear a popular waist-waist young denim skirt.

If you have the heart to look at this year’s Paris Fashion Week show, wear a single shirt in the shirt, not to mention how stylish, go to work, shopping, wear it. Put on your hate high, no matter where you are, your foot is your T station.

If you like European and American style, the blue and white combination mentioned above can still come in handy, handbags and sunglasses, perfect weekend needs such a match.

If you want to feel warm, you can try the nude color, pull the jacket below the shoulder, wear a delicate necklace, the upper body is loose and random, the lower body has a sense of line, wearing light-colored high-heeled shoes.

The Most Popular Skirts In This Spring And Summer

1.Split Skirt

The hem of the hem or the wide opening adorns the lines of the legs and presents them in the opening, and the neat lines make it more perfect, neither restraint nor more elegant.

2.Plaid Skirt

The retro neutrality of the plaid is one of the classic elements in the clothing pattern. Whether it is the same size plaid or the splicing plaid of different sizes, it can give a good expression of the formal beauty of the clothing.

3.Ruffle Skirt

Like the lotus leaf of the flower, it is very popular among girls. The accumulation of flowing edge of the ruffles enriches the level of clothing and brings a strong visual impact. The ruffled edge of the hem is elegant and sweet, with a feminine romance and tenderness.

4.Mosaic Skirt

The visual impact of the simple cut fabrics spliced together, colliding with each other and setting off each other, making the design of the whole garment full of vitality and fun to create a rich sense of cutting.

5.New Polka Dot Skirt

The smart wave points are not too arrogant in design. Whether it is a decorative dress or other, it can be used very skillfully, and it can add a sense of joy to the simple clothes, showing a lively and young effect.

6.Vintage Print Skirt

The messy medium and small prints have always played a retro nostalgic role, and the soft fabrics add a feminine, full of feminine feel.

7.Black Skirt

With the rise of sexy glamour in Paris, the designer reinvents the must-have item with a sexy new look. Slim silhouette, off-shoulder detail, lace looming design, highlighting feminine temperament. Transparent tulle, velvet and gorgeous silk are filled with boudoir.

8.Summer Style

The most popular summers include: high slits in pencil skirts, ruffles at the hem, casual shawl skirts with hip straps, asymmetrical hem, layered cut, transparent fabric, strips, colored stripes and spots, floral patterns, A-shape , waist drawstrings, pleats, bows, ruffles, culottes, gypsy style, shiny fabrics, etc.