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Shirt Skirt + Small White Shoes, Full of Femininity

The first is a set of dresses with a shirt, and the white dress is very small. However, this white dress is worn a little like pajamas alone, so tie a plaid shirt around your waist. Shoes with a pair of platform sneakers are more comfortable than high heels, and more suitable for this style.

This white lace dress is very suitable for girls with better body shape. The white semi-empty design is also very popular in the body. We used to wear this dress with high heels, but we wear this kind of girl with painful feet. A pair of white sneakers, the effect is not bad.

Although the five-point dress is very good, some girls prefer skirts that only show the length of the knee. This relaxed and full-fledged seven-point dress is particularly eye-catching. It is a pair of Japanese-style and European-American style clothes. The shoes are paired with a pair of white sneakers. The small leather bag is used in the street and the return rate is quite high.

I am used to Scarlett’s black widow movie, I can’t believe that our widowed sister is wearing such a girl every day! This light blue fishtail skirt dress is worn on Scarlett’s body, which is very girly. The shoes are white sneakers for European and American girls. The simple color is very fresh.

The color of this dress is darker, so young girls are not recommended to try, but if you are a girl with a particularly white complexion, you can also try the pleated design of the skirt, no doubt with classic shoes. It is the best choice, and it can be seen that although there are no high heels, it does not feel that the whole person is very short.

What Color Is Best To Wear This Summer?

Do you know that a piece of clothing is worn on the body, what do people see at first sight? Style? Texture? Brand? All are not. What others see at first sight is the color! Especially in summer, if the colors are chosen correctly, the color and feeling are completely different!

For summer clothing, the blue is easy to match and varied and youthful. Almost every girl’s wardrobe is stocked with several blue items.

The blue with different brightness is also different. The dark blue is steady and steady, and the light blue is bright and lively. Even the big women who are strong, wearing a light blue shirt exudes a subtle girlish feeling.

This off-the-shoulder blue top + straw hat look, especially with a vacation style.

Soft pink, gentle pink, retro pink….. This year’s popular pinks are soft to the eye, and you can’t help but want to wear out the street~

The wrap dress is an indispensable piece of the season, and the pink wrap dress makes the sexy with a sweet taste.

If you add a pair of small white shoes, shopping will definitely become brisk and your mood will become as lively as a girl.

When we were a girl, we always love pink clothes. If you are already in the workplace, you will want to wear it again. The pink suit + black word with high heels makes the whole body look sweet but not greasy and intellectual.

Any good words to describe the summer is pale, only a touch of bright color can ignite the summer enthusiasm, just like the bright yellow, seeing whether it feels bright, the mood is lit.

No matter how simple you usually dress, you should have at least one red fashion item. The enthusiasm brought by red will definitely make your whole person look radiant.

The Hot Nine Pants, The Right Choice Of Shoes Is Critical!

  1. Nine Pants + Small White Shoes

This blue and white look is more interesting than the one with the same color, and this pair of cp comes with a refreshing feeling, do not know if the little fairy across the screen also feel it? The hot blue cropped trousers, whether it is with the top or the bottom, can be grouped with cp. And when I meet with the little white shoes, I feel more interesting. After all, the ankles are there, and the uppercase is charming.

Denim cropped trousers, not only have a hole design but also the hem of the hem, the shape is so rich. Choosing the right pair of shoes is crucial, even if it is a pair of small white shoes on the feet, it will not make people feel monotonous.

2.Nine Pants + Canvas Shoes

The sling is out, it’s really refreshing to wear it in the summer. The little fairy only needs a pair of cowboy cropped trousers with a flanging edge to make it easy for you to reveal your ankle. Choosing the right pair of shoes is very important. If you give a pair of dark green canvas shoes, you can create a different kind of beauty.

What color canvas shoes are the most classic? That is also a black system, how to wear it will not be outdated. Little Fairy only needs a reference white T-shirt with blue denim cropped trousers, which can make you picturesque and interpret summer with fashion.

Finally, let’s take a look at this set of pure white T-shirts with blue cropped trousers. Is it a very fresh seaside smell? The gray canvas shoes that everyone is familiar with, let you avoid cheesy, show the fashionable atmosphere, and wear confidence.

3.Nine Pants + High Heels

I am used to black high heels, can you not try red high heels? Stylish and feminine, and polka-dot shirts, with a stylish interpretation of the summer, let you easily win at the starting line.