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How To Wear Oversize Jacket A New Feeling?

Popularity is a reincarnation. A few years ago, tailoring fit, looking at the spirit of the jacket is the most fire. Now loose to store meat, a little retro Oversize jacket is even more fire.

So, if you are pursuing more comfortable and stylish, and don’t like the feeling that your shoulders and arms are tight, then today’s protagonist, loose shoulder-length jacket is more suitable for you. Whether it is a suit or a windbreaker, the loose shoulders are loose, and the air field is comfortable.

The length of the short coat has just covered the crotch, which is especially friendly to the petite girl, especially for the pear shape, which also plays a great role in modifying the shoulder shape.

The gray bean green suit with light beige overalls is the retro route of the 80s, and the white high heels physically raise the height while also supporting the shape.

Silver sequined skirts and strappy ballet shoes make the more common gray check suits have a bright spot.

Fine-grained shoulder-pad suit with bright orange sweater is very street style, and the lower half of the patent leather boots are rich in layers.

The warmth of the long coat is more advanced than the mid-short coat. The length is over the knee but the calf. Most winter coats are also of this length.

The length of the sweater skirt inside is longer than the jacket, and the red color is very eye-catching.

The woolen coat neckline is made into a V-shaped face, and when the button is buckled, attention should be paid to the shape to breathe, and the ankle is light.