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The Retro Style Item – Polka Dot Shirt

As an entry-level fashion item, Polka Dot Shirt is actually quite rare in daily life. Be sure to buy one in the closet, and the temperature is now gradually rising, and you can start wearing it at any time.

In fact, everyone is very simple when wearing the wave point, and there is no difficulty in the imagination. The effect of wearing it is still very good, but the selection of the single product needs attention.

Polka-dot shirts have a lot of styles. If you want to wear a retro style, you can choose the style of the lotus leaf colla, or the texture of the yarn.

Polka-dot shirts are also silky in style, which is a bit like pajamas, very drape and looks very comfortable.

The polka-dot shirt with one shoulder is quite literary, and if the density of the polka dots is not very large, it will appear that the whole person is very elegant.

Underneath with light-colored jeans, there is a lazy feeling of a French woman, and small heels can also assist you in retro style.

A few buttons in front of the polka-dot shirt, which can be fitted with a small vest, or a more fashionable underwear, can add a sexy look to your retro style.

When wearing a professional suit, the monochrome shirt inside can be replaced with a polka-dot shirt, and the shape of the suit will not be too boring.

Speaking of sexy girls in Brazil, it is also a retro style! Just tie the shirt to the front and you can make a sexy beach polka-dot girl.

The translucent polka-dot shirt is also quite glamorous, with a black vest inside, very beautiful.

Need to pay attention to the single item on the thin-skinned shirt, the wool vest like this is a bit awkward.