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It’s Time To Wear A New Sweater! These 5 Styles Are Popular In 2019.

In the fashion line, the sweater has never been off the assembly line. Sweaters are still popular in 2019, and in star street shooting, the appearance of sweaters is much higher than other items. Don’t worry, I will show you today, what are the most popular sweaters in 2019? ! Let the little fairies prepare early, wear them early, and be fashionable!

1.Supersize Sweater

Since the popularity of oversized sweaters last year, this year, not only has the heat not been reduced, but it has become a popular supersize sweater, bigger and more fashionable.

The supersize sweater is not only more comfortable to wear, but also more elegant and styling, full of fashion!

2.Colorblock Sweater

This year’s color-matching style is simply too hot~ there are many more features than ordinary sweaters, and you can play out your own unique personality when you wear them out, and you don’t have to worry about hitting your shirt.

The contrast of the asymmetrical pattern can make it more attractive and stylish, with a full-featured casual street feel.

3. Printed Sweater

Since the “Gorgeous Wind” became popular, printed sweaters have become popular too. The combination of gorgeous patterns and stylish sweaters is a new height of beauty.

Printed sweater with English letters, full of casual feeling, handsome and lively~

4. Plush Sweater

The plush sweater is not only soft and comfortable, but also full of fashion sense. It has the effect of warmth and cute.

5. Ultra-Short Sweater

In addition to the casualness, the ultra-short sweater has a little more sexy and styling, which weakens the bloated appearance and makes the shape easier.