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T-shirt + Expansion Skirt, The Unique Elegance Of Summer

Everyone wears T-shirts in the summer, but the simple T-shirts, because of the prime, can be combined with countless styles and styles. The most elegant everyday LOOK, it is necessary to count T-shirts with large swing skirts.

T-shirts with a large swing skirt Simply put, there is a sense of everyday wear and a little gorgeous dress. The length of the skirt is properly selected, and the ankles are exposed, and the legs are thin.

The pleated skirt’s pleats are exquisite and craftsmanship, and the straight lines are very Man, elegant and every woman. Choose a bright coral red pleated skirt with a pair of red flat sandals. At this time, you can fit the lower body with a dark color that is not too bright.

Using the same color is certainly the safest and most effective, including your handbag. The striped pleated skirt will make your hips look less wide.

The rich mix of colors is skillful, and the blue-green color scheme gives a very refreshing feeling. But be careful not to be too average for the two colors, otherwise, it will appear to be unfocused.

The long umbrella skirt with T-shirt is simple and succinct, but pay attention to the umbrella skirt must choose high waist, or have a waist seal, so as to maximize the shape of the umbrella skirt from thin to wide.

Leather smock with T-shirt, sexy and fashionable, choose the same material as the umbrella skirt, and the same color as the booties, it is enough to combine your shoes with a pair of shoes.

The beginning of the cake skirt is named after a layer of cakes, but the traditional cake skirt is a bit complicated, like cosplay, so it is slowly transformed into irregular or reduced laminate to reduce the thickness.

This kind of cake skirt is also very particular about the choice of fabrics, and it is generally more common in medium and long sections because it is too short and the original layering is easy to have a dragging visual effect.

V-neck + Skirt = The Most Fashionable Wear In 2019

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. How can girls who have not lost their fat in time get skinny? Today, I recommend a seasonal dress formula that is not wrong, not picky, thin and advanced. It is a V-neck top + a half skirt.

The thin ankles that can be exposed by the skirts, especially the girls who are half-baked in the lower half, are thinner than the pants, and the skirts are all under the waistline, so the two pieces are taken for granted. Small face + big long legs combination.

Suit + Skirt

When the suit is fastened, the neckline is a natural V-shaped. There are many combinations of suits and skirts on the T-stage in the spring and summer of 2019. They are both savvy females and charming little fairies, which fully meet the multi-faceted setting of contemporary women.

The first recommended skirt is a pleated skirt, especially an oversized suit + irregular pleated skirt, which is thin and not serious.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the silky skirt that is visually cool and smooth can also be paired with a suit. The same color will be more elegant, and the belt will make you instantly become a thin and thin goddess.

Shirt + Skirt

The shirt is definitely an important weapon to create a variety of styles. Unlocking a few buttons, the casual and fashionable V-neck shirt will be there. On the T stage this year, all the shirts were unbuttoned to make a half skirt, and according to the number of unbuttoned buttons, they can also be divided into small V, large V, deep V and so on.

In daily life, a more fashionable combination is a shirt + irregular skirt, the top is followed by the rules, the bottom is to break through the imagination, and when commuting, you can choose the black irregular skirt and the basic shirt.

When you are on vacation, the irregular color skirts of the color system are energetic. In short, this combination allows you to exude elegant and advanced fashion tastes, whether you are working or relaxing.

Choose The Dress That Suits You Best According To Your Stature

1.Long Neck

Girls with long necks must pay attention not to choose the V-neck style when choosing the dress, because the V-neck will lengthen your neck line and make your neck look longer and more obvious. It is recommended to choose a dress with a collar style, which looks neat and neat. Can also modify the neck ratio.

2.Wide Shoulder

If you are a girl with a wide shoulder, it is suitable for a long-necked V-neck dress, but it will suit you, because the V-neck can not only show the collarbone, but also the line of sight, and the long line makes you look slimmer. Natural shoulder width will not be obvious.

3.The Arms Are Thick.

If you are a girl with a thick arm, you can choose a dress with loose sleeves such as a flared sleeve and a fluffy show, not only to cover your ‘Kirin Arm’ but also to add a stylish look.

4.Waist Fat

For girls with a strong waist or a small belly, you can choose a loose and long skirt style when you choose a dress. You can also add a pleated skirt as shown below to increase the layering and elegant felling.

5.Legs Fat

If you are just a girl with thick legs, in fact, many styles are suitable for you, because as long as you don’t accept the oversized skirt, you will basically cover your legs, and the thick thighs will be able to get over the knees. If the calves are thick, then choose and barefoot is better.

Pleated Skirt With Suit, Beautiful And Slim!

1.Suit + Elegant Chiffon Pleated Skirt

The sleek suit meets the elegant pleated skirt, conveying the visual effect of softness and softness. This wears to meet the OL’s competent professional sense, without losing the elegance and femininity of women.

The conservative black and blue tones should change slowly with the breath of spring. The color matching of the hipsters is very worth learning and learning!

2.Suit + Geometric Pattern Pleated Skirt

When we choose a suit, we will first choose a solid color, then we want the shape to become three-dimensional, and the striped printed pleated skirt can fully meet our needs. The vertical stripes add a sense of three-dimensionality, and the horizontal stripes emphasize the layering.

The three-dimensional and dynamic geometric pattern pleated skirt is fashionable and advanced!

3.Suit + Irregular Pleated Skirt

Influx of people who are pursuing individuality prefers this asymmetrical design of pleated skirt, which is the most basic irregular design. High-grade grey + white boots highlight the temperament, and the color stitching of the pocket of the suit brings vitality to the shape.

This kind of irregular pleated skirt with a sense of design is different in width and length, so you can earn a good return rate!

Choose a combination of pastel colors to match you with spring.

4.Suit + Pleated Dress

The influx of people headed by Olivia Palermo chose a pleated skirt with a dress style that is simple and easy to use. If you are worried about the color scheme, tell you quietly: the black suit is easy to match with all the pleated skirts!

Suit-style coats can also be used in this way, suitable for tall girls to control.

5.Suit + Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt is full of energy, even if it is a boring suit, it is not only easy to take the college style, but also a pair of slender legs.

If you want to add a pair of suit + pleated skirt to the CP, choose a wide belt or a girdle right, and easily converge the suit to outline the slim waist, but also show the self-cultivation.

Sweater + Skirt, The Most Beautiful Match of 2019!

1.Sweater+Pleated Skirt

The romantic and versatile pleated skirt has always been the best partner for sweaters. It adds a touch of elegant literary temperament and can also weaken the thick feel of the sweater, making your look lighter and more elegant.

The most advanced is the same color matching method of the same color, can collide with a distinct layering, simply win a lot.

2.Sweater+Printed Skirt

The easiest and most decent is to use the basic color sweater with your various print skirts, a simple and more sophisticated, so that you are beautiful and elegant.

The color of the sweater can also be echoed with the printed skirt. The beautiful and full of overlook feeling, the eye-catching index will be even higher.

In addition to the floral skirt, the retro literary plaid skirt + sweater is also very suitable for the New Year to wear the tone of choice, revealing a low-key yet elegant feeling.

3.Sweater+Irregular Umbrella Skirt

Sweaters + Irregular Umbrella Skirt have always been the standard combination of the least picking. The wide skirt not only comes with elegant labels, but also perfectly hides your leg defects. However, this combination is also too common and easy to appear ordinary, so you may wish to directly choose a more personalized irregular design, you can immediately upgrade the trend, the rate of return.

It is recommended that the irregular hem of this oblique cut design is full of bright spots to help you stand out from the crowd.

Pleated Skirt—Fashion,Beautiful and Warm!

The most indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe is the dress. The temperature is getting colder, and the trousers have become the first choice for many people to keep warm. But the skirt always makes people look sexier. If the short skirt is the privilege of summer, then the pleated skirt is the protagonist of the autumn and winter seasons. The length of overknee gives you a sense of security, and the versatile features can include different styles, and the changing fabrics make you fashionable.

The prevailing retro style makes the pleated skirt return to the public’s view again. The simple and regular lines can be ingeniously decorated with body shape, and the fine folds make it have unlimited possibilities. Whether it is the simplicity sexy of Dior’s semi-transparent asymmetric design, or the modern printing technology on the Gucci show, different styles of design are injecting a new form for the classic style of pleated skirt.

The elegant pleated skirt also needs some details to enrich it. The outer suit jacket is impeccable in terms of fashion and practicality, free and easy but different. It’s also a good choice to combine it with a street-inspired baseball jacket. The looming hem adds a layered look to the overall look and wins with detail. Don’t forget to change your high heels into canvas shoes to make the wearing style more harmonious.

It is worth mentioning that the metallic pleated skirt is particularly eye-catching in the fashion show in recent seasons. From high-profile gold to cool silver, or eye-catching electro-optic blue, the sparkling embellishment between the folds brings a different look and feel, and a strong futuristic feeling adds a layer of fantasy to the look.