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Without Plaid, This Year’s Wardrobe Is Not Perfect.

What is the charm of plaid? Can capture the true love of thousands of people in the fashion circle. From winter to spring, from old to young, you can be quiet, active in the fashion trend, can always maintain a retro style, and can never be out of date.

1.Plaid Pants

Plaid pants are usually the type that is ignored, and it is really hard to wear. We recommend tapered trousers. Especially small square tapered pants.

In addition to the tapered trousers, the trousers of the suit pants have become very popular this year. A person with enough gas field can choose a large color check with a basic black and white gray top, which is very beautiful.

2.Plaid Jacket

Throughout the fashion circle you will find that the plaids occupy half of the jacket. The most active of these is still the plaid single west, the style still tends to the big profile and shoulder pad elements.

With a checkered suit and a pair of unrelenting jeans, the collision between the stereotype and the casual, this ambiguous suit can make you full of gas.

3.Plaid Wind Coat

Plaid trench coats are more flavorful than other styles. The windy temperament of the windbreaker gives the plaid a richer change, which is both elegant and casual.

Slim and high, the key is not rigid. This year, especially the color-matched plaid trench coat is compared with the large-area plaid. This small-area plaid color block splicing is low-key and very easy to control. It is highly recommended.

4.Plaid Dress

In fact, this style is suitable for use in Japanese-style literary films. It is difficult to find the feeling when it is really worn. So we should choose a grain pattern that is full of flowing texture.

The combination of “up loose and down tight” is a good way to cope with leg-style skirts. Finally, don’t forget to check the color with the plaid, and use the adjacent color to match. The plaid is generally low in saturation. If you encounter a high saturation, remember to press it with a dark color.