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T-shirt + Flower Skirt, The Summer Sweetheart Is You

Speaking of flower skirts, the first thing that comes to mind is the bohemian dress that has returned to the stage of fashion in recent years. Lightweight fabrics and vibrant colors make it one of the best summer collections.

Fringe, stitching and bright colors… these are one of the most distinctive features of bohemian style, and in the matching of upper body T-shirts, in order to avoid too much visual focus, you can choose the basic or the same color to match.

It is also a very practical skill to tie the top into the flower skirt. When you raise the waistline, you will not let the long skirt “press” your height. The petite little fairies should remember.

To say that the most classic skirt pattern must be a plaid element, the traditional plaid element can be used on the pleated skirt to create a college age with a cool, plain letter T, let you a second Back to the student age of the youth.

Of course, the dazzling color is more suitable for driving in the summer, with a superb eye-catching match!

In addition to the classic plaid elements, the geometric design of the design is also very successful in the hot summer days. The upper body T-shirt can choose simple and textured styles, whether it is a daily commute or weekdays. Leisure can be easily held.

To say that there are leopard prints in the classic elements. Different from the sexy and wild style of leopard prints in recent years, the leopard prints in recent years can create a gentle little woman’s atmosphere, with a slim TEE and a large aviator sunglasses that are not too stealing. Leopard elements can also be attacked.

Avant-garde and slightly exaggerated large prints are generally suitable for high-saturation color matching. This distinctive bright and vibrant is best suited for summer. Similarly, in the collocation, be careful not to let the whole body focus too much, you can unify the color and skirt of the T-shirt, or “no brain” to choose 99% white T that will not go wrong.

In Spring, How Do You Match The Plaid Elements?

In the spring, the plaid pattern is lively and vivid compared to the pure color of the broth. If you change it slightly, these plaid items can continue to glow.

1.Plaid Suit

For a suit that has no specific seasonal restrictions, how do you judge the seasonality of a look? It relies on its own material and interior. The light color looks like a spring atmosphere.

In the winter, the light color is easy to look cold, so it is less worn. At this temperature, it is just good to change from a dark sweater to a sky blue shirt. It is also exquisite and extravagant with white trousers.

Gigi Hadid loves to use a denim piece to tie a plaid suit, and the sanded cowboy brings a strong street smell to the yellow plaid.

2.Plaid Shirt

No mistakes, here is the plaid shirt, does it sound like a little frowning? In fact, whether it is worn alone or when the jacket is open, it has a strong decorative effect.

The plaid shirt that is biased towards straight male style is balanced with a sexy element. Both of them choose high-heeled shoes and five-legged leg pants to reveal slender legs. I feel that the shirt is too straight and can be added with a wide belt, which is even more gorgeous.

The red plaid shirt is also the most common one. It is wrapped tightly and rigidly. As the coat is open and exposed, it reveals a black base, and the double wine red patent leather boots are strong and atmospheric.

3.Plaid Pants

In low-temperature weather, everyone prefers the formal sense of the set, and the upper and lower are all plaid. The spring mix is more free and rich.

The color of the jacket and trousers is exactly the same, the fine Welsh plaid and the bottom of the enlarged version of the plaid pull open the layer, the barrel handbag leaks good mood.

Or you can directly bypass other colors, the refreshing white can best reflect the wonderful trousers, metal accessories add detail, enhance the overall refinement.

Spring Fashion Wear In 2019: Suit + Jeans

Gray suit + blue jeans, with a sense of high-level in the sleek, creating a free and easy style. Pick the white bottoming shirt, put it into the jeans, improve the waistline and add a little more temperament, the beauty is just right. The dark gray ankle boots on the feet are simple and uncommon.

As we all know, black is the most slim and most resistant to dirt, and it will not go wrong. Choose a black suit + dark blue jeans, with a touch of vintage in the neat, easy to create elegant style. Get a black sweater with a lotus leaf collar, while keeping it warm. With black boots with polka dots on your feet, teach you to wear a golden proportion of body, full of energy!

Pick a fragrant purple suit, and a black bottoming shirt, eye-catching and eye-catching, to meet your girl’s heart, easy to create elegant style. The lower body chooses light blue jeans, and the black bottoming shirt is casually stuffed into the jeans, which lengthens the proportion of the body, and adds a touch of knowledge to the handsome, which makes people shine. White pointed boots on the feet, simple and stylish.

The plaid elements are timeless and are popular with fashion. What to wear in spring? Choose a gray check suit + light blue jeans, very stylish, full of British style, to create a stylish lady style. Get treasure blue small high collar, play the effect of a clear pen, beautiful and outstanding. On the foot, I stepped on a small white high heel with a wave of dots, revealing a small fresh, full of girlish feelings!

Want to be more picky?Then don’t miss this match, the little fairies are coming over! Choose leopard-print suit + light blue jeans, with a touch of elegance in the streamlined, full of personality, easy to create an elegant style. Stepping on the white booties on the feet, the hidden elegance, more than a little bit, let you stand out in the crowd, have you learned?

The color of the dark is not bright enough, and the candy color is the best choice. Pick a tender green suit, encounter light blue jeans, with a touch of chic in the beautiful, easy to create the elegant style. Choose a white bottoming shirt and tuck it into light blue jeans to create a high waistline that will make you an 18-year-old girl. With white high-heeled boots on the feet, it’s an elegant touch that makes it easy to have a return rate.