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How To Choose Sun Protection Clothing?

In the hot summer days, it’s not good to wear a bra in the street every day. The ordinary sunscreen clothing has already rotted the street. What kind of sunscreen clothing is fashionable and cool?

Huh? Chiffon shirts can also be used as sun protection clothing! The editor who insisted on physical sunscreen insisted that: the first layer has a qualitative difference for the sunscreen effect!

This “flowing” chiffon, which is completely oriented according to the body, is both cool and sexy. The brown chiffon is rich in vintage, and the vivid skin emerges with the wind, leaving an infinite imagination. The tall, bold girls are your turn! If you want to be different this summer, wear it!

The elegant gown that can cover the upper and lower body with the largest area is not only a must for a beach vacation but also an urban Boho girl on weekdays.

I don’t know if this beachwear reminds you of your vacation time. It is the best partner for “flying to the tropical island to swim”.

The slightly translucent gauze gown combined with the design of the sweatshirt is given a sense of clarity and sleekness.

This type of cuff has a super long style with girly ruffle design, and it is a peace of mind from the value to the protection.

A high-grade grey satin gown with dark brown paper bag pants and zebra-printed slings. An elegant French lazy atmosphere spreads. The print on the back adds fun, and the lotus pattern that swings with the wind is smart and free.

One-piece sunscreen gown with an ingenious design that combines shade and coolness. It was the smudge of the light yellow that seemed to be in the sand after the sunset.

The skirt lace, oversized puff sleeves, and neckline bow are all finished in a pair of patent leather chunky ankle boots. However, the veil was unveiled, just like the girl who was the original.

The Stylish Paper Bag Pants, You Deserve To Have It

Instead of taking the old road that everyone knows, it’s better to put on a different color item, and another way to get you to the destination quickly. The yellow V-neck shirt may have this function, which can make you stand out in the crowd, and suddenly become the focus of fashion. It is difficult to think about it. The main thing is that you can also rely on a black paper bag pants, which will let you wear a slimming visual effect in an instant.

For the dark color, it is more difficult to control, because it will bring a sense of maturity, if not worn, it will be really old. So for the blacktop, the design with the trumpet sleeves is very retro, and the girl is full of sense. Light brown high-waisted paper bag pants, learn the pinch angle, show your high waist in minutes. If you think it will be old, black canvas shoes to help out, give you a sense of literary and full academic atmosphere.

Still high-waisted paper bag pants with brown tones, the straps around the waist are very thin, but showing the waist is still no problem. When the brown paper bag pants meet the black printed T-shirt, you can feel the full neutral wind across the screen. It is casual and cool, and it is difficult to think about it. The artistic blue bag adds a sense of freshness to the neutral atmosphere, easily impressing your little girl.

Caramel color paper bag pants walk, if you are worried about bad matching, even if you are old when the little fairy chooses the top, the pick will bring a refreshing white T-shirt, which is age-reducing and atmospheric, and can easily be white.

Striped paper bag pants, it has a slimming effect, I believe it can capture the favor of a wide-size fairy. The high-waist design, with a short black top, makes it easy to wear a “bright belly” effect, showing a unique and atmospheric artistic sense, showing your small waist.