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The Most Popular Skirts In This Spring And Summer

1.Split Skirt

The hem of the hem or the wide opening adorns the lines of the legs and presents them in the opening, and the neat lines make it more perfect, neither restraint nor more elegant.

2.Plaid Skirt

The retro neutrality of the plaid is one of the classic elements in the clothing pattern. Whether it is the same size plaid or the splicing plaid of different sizes, it can give a good expression of the formal beauty of the clothing.

3.Ruffle Skirt

Like the lotus leaf of the flower, it is very popular among girls. The accumulation of flowing edge of the ruffles enriches the level of clothing and brings a strong visual impact. The ruffled edge of the hem is elegant and sweet, with a feminine romance and tenderness.

4.Mosaic Skirt

The visual impact of the simple cut fabrics spliced together, colliding with each other and setting off each other, making the design of the whole garment full of vitality and fun to create a rich sense of cutting.

5.New Polka Dot Skirt

The smart wave points are not too arrogant in design. Whether it is a decorative dress or other, it can be used very skillfully, and it can add a sense of joy to the simple clothes, showing a lively and young effect.

6.Vintage Print Skirt

The messy medium and small prints have always played a retro nostalgic role, and the soft fabrics add a feminine, full of feminine feel.

7.Black Skirt

With the rise of sexy glamour in Paris, the designer reinvents the must-have item with a sexy new look. Slim silhouette, off-shoulder detail, lace looming design, highlighting feminine temperament. Transparent tulle, velvet and gorgeous silk are filled with boudoir.

8.Summer Style

The most popular summers include: high slits in pencil skirts, ruffles at the hem, casual shawl skirts with hip straps, asymmetrical hem, layered cut, transparent fabric, strips, colored stripes and spots, floral patterns, A-shape , waist drawstrings, pleats, bows, ruffles, culottes, gypsy style, shiny fabrics, etc.