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How Do Plump Girls Wear Dresses?

The autumn and winter large-profile clothing can cover the skin thinner, while the summer fabrics are soft and light, which fits the body curve and is easy to expose various small defects. The material of the bottoming shirt is stiffer than the skirt, and the shoulder line is supported. Get up and get up.

Every day, wearing a skirt with an off-shoulder dress out of the street is quite challenging for many girls. It is easy to get started with the addition of a piece, and it can also enhance the visual center of gravity.

The standard for choosing the inner primer is not too loose, and the pattern is too complicated. Otherwise, it is worn in the skirt instead of “helping you down”, and the straight silhouette and slightly loose bottom can be used.

The thin shoulder strap of the suspender skirt has a sense of security on the bottoming shirt. The solid color base is used as the background color to enhance the design point of the skirt itself and adjust the styling and dense rhythm.

The ethnic floral dress also has a tie-dyed print that is popular this year. The printed skirt has never fallen out of the fashionable field. Sometimes the upper body is slightly complicated, and the clean interior is cleverly resolved.

Leopard prints, cow prints, various animal patterns have strong texture, metal accessories add a modern sense of cold, white T-shirts are greasy, and rolling up the cuffs to polish the details is also the focus of the model.

Party dresses are usually too big to be worn on a daily basis, which makes people feel a sense of burden. It is better to use a black T-shirt with a hand to make it easier.

The A-type large skirt has a dramatic effect, the shoulder line support weakens the daily distance, and the two-piece closed ties at the waist make the overall style quite comfortable.

The long skirt is elegant, and the short skirt with the length above the knee has a lively sense of the girl, revealing the contrast between the thigh and the college style.

T-shirt + Flower Skirt, The Summer Sweetheart Is You

Speaking of flower skirts, the first thing that comes to mind is the bohemian dress that has returned to the stage of fashion in recent years. Lightweight fabrics and vibrant colors make it one of the best summer collections.

Fringe, stitching and bright colors… these are one of the most distinctive features of bohemian style, and in the matching of upper body T-shirts, in order to avoid too much visual focus, you can choose the basic or the same color to match.

It is also a very practical skill to tie the top into the flower skirt. When you raise the waistline, you will not let the long skirt “press” your height. The petite little fairies should remember.

To say that the most classic skirt pattern must be a plaid element, the traditional plaid element can be used on the pleated skirt to create a college age with a cool, plain letter T, let you a second Back to the student age of the youth.

Of course, the dazzling color is more suitable for driving in the summer, with a superb eye-catching match!

In addition to the classic plaid elements, the geometric design of the design is also very successful in the hot summer days. The upper body T-shirt can choose simple and textured styles, whether it is a daily commute or weekdays. Leisure can be easily held.

To say that there are leopard prints in the classic elements. Different from the sexy and wild style of leopard prints in recent years, the leopard prints in recent years can create a gentle little woman’s atmosphere, with a slim TEE and a large aviator sunglasses that are not too stealing. Leopard elements can also be attacked.

Avant-garde and slightly exaggerated large prints are generally suitable for high-saturation color matching. This distinctive bright and vibrant is best suited for summer. Similarly, in the collocation, be careful not to let the whole body focus too much, you can unify the color and skirt of the T-shirt, or “no brain” to choose 99% white T that will not go wrong.