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What Kind of Shoes Do Short Girls Wear In Summer?

To say that the proportion of shoes to save, pointed shoes must be ranked in the TOP 1, whether it is flat or high-heeled, as long as there is a pointed design on the full score! The V-shaped line will have an extended function in the visual direction. It has its own elongated leg effect, and the toe cap is more lined with ankles. It has a slender leg with a ratio of three to seven in one second. This kind of fairy piece is completely worthy of a small girl to buy it into the shoe cabinet, and then sing love for the support.

The lazy wind has been blown from the ins to the domestic, and the semi-cooled design of the Muller shoes combines the casualness of the slippers with the intellectuality of the single shoes. The half-footed foot just stretches the proportion of the lower body, even though it is an inconspicuous skin area. It can be visually at least 5 cm high. If you want to be more casual, you should choose a flat heel. If you want a superior high-performance effect, you can choose a retro rough heel design. Which one is not much more flexible than a thick-soled shoe?

The bloated and cumbersome platform shoes, when they are accidentally worn out, are easy to cripple. However, for kittens and shoes, this is not a matter of lightness. At the same time, it is comfortable, while retaining the agility, quiet Mimi is increased, with a skirt or dress are elegant to burst, if you can gather the above image The two models have a shallow mouth and a shallow mouth, so this piece is perfect!

The classic shoe design with a pair of sandals is preserved, and the visual splitting effect caused by the brightly colored straps at the ankles is abandoned, but the transparent belt solves this trouble. The high heel supports the instep, and the transparent belt cannot be robbed. The whole pair of slender legs are in the limelight! There is no such thing as a match. The first time I wear this “fairy shoe” is afraid of mistakes, like the two models Kaia Crawford and Kendall Jenner, a white dress is enough.

The winds of the strappy shoes are not delayed. Many small fairies are hesitant to enter the end. Listen to the small series, as long as the straps are simple and generous in design, but the length is not a calf, buy it! At first glance, the cool strappy sandals are worn with a French-style sling dress, and the exotic style is blowing in the face; or the low-heeled strap-up shoes are paired with nine-point jeans, revealing the finest ankles with a height of 10cm. Long legs are not afraid of it.

4 Single Shoes That Must Be Bought In 2019!

No.1:Grandma Shoes

In the past two years, the fashion circle has created a French retro style, and to create this effortless french chic, comfortable retro grandmother shoes will definitely be the essential finishing touch to better highlight Come out with the glamorous charm of casual laziness.

The French girl Jeanne Damas, which everyone loves, is almost always worn with all-in-one grandma shoes. It combines vintage and fashion, sexy and elegant.

Grandma shoes not only bring retro labels, comfortable thick heels, and just the right heights, you can have a pleasant wearing experience, anyone can easily control.

No.2:Muller Shoes

“Lazy and beautiful” is the most popular style of fashion in the fashion circle, and the return of Muller shoes is exactly the same as this trend. It retains the advantages of slippery and easy to wear, but it also adds a bit of exquisiteness and elegance, which can be perfectly held in any occasion.

The biggest feature of Muller shoes is the design of a heel and heel. It is not only cool and breathable but also has a significant visual effect. Even the flat Mules shoes can help you wear long legs. sense!

No.3: Mary Jane Shoes

Retro style resurgence this summer, how can I do without a pair of Mary Jane shoes? ! The most retro and special part of Mary Jane’s shoes is the lace-up design on the instep, which is full of vintage and very attractive.

As an indispensable classic in the retro style shoe cabinet, no matter how your upper body is matched, the overall style comes with a retro accent, which is very beautiful and very chic.

No.4: Cat Shoes

Cat heel shoes, also known as Kitten Heels, are generally referred to as low-heeled shoes with a height of 2.5~5cm. They are exquisitely small but have a lady fan. Like the goddess Audrey Hepburn, they also have a special liking for cats and shoes.

Just the right low-heeled design can make you feel comfortable and flat, and the height and height of the whole person will be different immediately.