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Teddy Bear Coat Is So Hot, How To Wear It?

Teddy Bear coat is hot for a long time, and you want to be the same as last year’s collocation. Of course, it is more fashionable and eye-catching when you wear it this year. Come and see our recommended of new collocation with Teddy coat:

1.Teddy Bear Coat+Suit

Spring and autumn suits, jumpsuits and other suits can be taken out at this time with your Teddy coat, the outdoor will not be cold, your look is still complete and exquisite when taking off the jacket.

This year’s super-hot red teddy bear coat with red polka-dot jumpsuit is very stylish. The royal blue pointed heels add the sleekness of the styling and reduce the bloated feeling.

The white Teddy coat is matched with a gray checkered suit, and the shoes like this choose a pair of the same color sneaker to help the suit coat to reduce the old-fashioned.

If it is a versatile Teddy coat of this color, you can choose a bold set and accessories when you match it. Pay attention to the color of the shoes and the style will be more complete.

2.Leather Pants + Teddy Bear Coat

These two materials mix together is fashion and beautiful. Red leather pants usually look exaggerated, but the white long Teddy coat is refreshing, and the inner and boots are like this, so you can simply hold the whole look.

Want to be simple style can be like Hailey Bieber all black, although it is all black, leather pants and Teddy coat are different materials, to ensure that the shape will not be old-fashioned, you can also use accessories to enrich the shape.

This kind of leather item is not limited to pants. When you are paired with OL fashion, you can look at this high-waist leather A-line skirt. Put on the Teddy coat and keep warm and stylish.