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Shirt + Shorts, Teach You To Be Refreshing And Slim In The Summer!

The shirt is a very serious piece, which is very popular in the workplace, whether it is with suit pants or jeans can achieve a versatile effect. But now, to break the routine, introduce another partner of the shirt, that is shorts~

If the gray has a dull drawback, then this white wave point is its savior, gray shirt, with white dot embellishment, breaking the gray dull feeling, showing a full of lively jumping. A pair of white shorts is a good hand to show your temperament and teach you a refreshing summer.

The classic white shirt can’t let its formal sense bury your temperament. Breaking the routine, choosing a white shirt with a big one, leaving a few buttons on the neckline to create a V-neck design that highlights the feminine taste. Draw your shirt into your shorts and easily beautify your body proportions.

The status of white shirts in the workplace is increasing day by day, and I believe that the future fashion circle will develop again. The status of white shirts will not be replaced. So this time to play with the summer mix and match, the printed shorts, all of a sudden let people feel the romance and beauty of the flowers. The loose version of the white shirt can very well block the bloated upper body.

Blue shirts are more refreshing and more fashionable than white. Some people love white, and naturally, someone will love blue. This world is like this. Blue-breasted shirt with dark brown leather shorts, originally worn in the workplace, now incarnates as a trend.

Loafers + Jeans, Simple And Elegant

The breath of spring is gradually disappearing, and the heat wave in summer is about to “approach”. It is crucial to have a pair of shoes with online values in the spring and summer. I have worn little white shoes, I think Loafer shoes are the best choice, don’t take little Loafer shoes, comfort is more than a little bit, it is an age-reducing artifact!

Don’t take a break from the black Loafer shoes, meet the water blue jeans, and have a temperament in the training, so that you can become an 18-year-old girl, just right. Pick a black T-shirt, stuff it into the blue jeans, not only lengthens the proportion of the body, but also the girl’s sense of fullness, creating a feminine literary style.

If you want a concave shape, the brown little hat is a good choice for people to shine. Get red Loafer shoes, meet with blue jeans, very eye-catching, can not hide the sweetness, create a gentle and intellectual fan, simple and elegant way to open. Tops choose a white T-shirt, as well as a blue silk scarf, which shows the full personality, the small fresh air that can’t be hidden, and the beauty is outstanding.

The same color system adds a touch of romance to the overall shape, which is very harmonious. Don’t take a break from black loafers. When you encounter black jeans, you will be thinner than a little. A simple and elegant way to open. Pick extra shirt, a British style breath, to create a gentle and beautiful lady.

The stripe element is enduring, and the visually slimming effect is not general. It is deeply loved by the little fat little fairy. Don’t take a break from the black Loafer shoes, meet the blue ripped jeans, and have a style and pull the wind to create a casual and free-spirited style. Get a black and white striped shirt, with a touch of handsome, very charming. The beige visor has the effect of a clear pen, and it is playful and chic, making you stand out from the crowd.

Spring Essential, Basic Shirt

When it comes to classics and basic models, shirts are the least picking. With a good mix, it’s easy to have a sense of quality, let’s take a look at the basic shirts! The white shirt is almost the standard of European and American bloggers. If you don’t know what to wear, a white shirt + jeans + accessories can easily go out.

A white shirt with a ruffled court style, with a pair of jeans, has a French style.

Or the collar, with some designs on the side of the front button, even a white shirt, it is not easy to wear a business sense.

Here is a simple white shirt + black wide-leg pants. If there is no color sunglasses and a unique bag, the upper body effect is very common.

It is also very versatile and harmonious with all kinds of jackets, especially with the handsome British windbreaker and retro literary small suit, very advanced.

In addition to the white shirt, the blue shirt is also the basic model, and the cool blue is also very suitable for spring and summer.

If you want to be a little youthful, wear jeans. If you want to take a light and temperament route, it is recommended to choose wide-leg pants with suit fabrics.

The blue is replaced by silky silk, which is very “extra”.

Earth color is an intellectual color representation, so it is also very suitable for commuting. Matching the same color is the most harmonious and error-free.

Or with white, black wide-leg pants.

If you feel that the earth color is dark, you can choose a little yellow, so it is a bit like a dark yellow, and it is not very good to wear.

Jeans + Canvas Shoes, Open The Trendy Street Shooting Look

Our most classic trousers are these blue jeans, which meet the white canvas shoes and make it easy to show off the age-old range. The top is a khaki suit jacket that breaks the commute and shows a perfect score.

In the spring, the girl’s favorite item is a sweater? V-neck design seems to be a bit more sexy, the little fairy can try V-neck sweater + blue jeans, this same color wear, the whole person looks very refreshing, but also able to wear a sense of quality. Plus a pair of white canvas shoes, give you a full academic style.

The dark blue sweater will give you an elegant taste. If you want to go on holiday or go shopping, then the street fan is what the little fairy wants to have. The white ripped jeans + white canvas shoes are on the scene, and the fashion is soaring.

For a girl with a bad shape, you can choose a small suit with an oversize version. The meat is thin and can also wear a confident style. Want to wear a reduction age? It is still familiar to the inside of the stripes, and it is a retro taste. The little fairy of the office worker, I’m going to learn how to wear it like this, and it’s clear that it’s not picking people, it will definitely surprise colleagues and bosses.

In the spring, there are indispensable jeans, so the shirt comes with jeans. What combination is this? The wife is small and fresh, the whole person looks temperament, or mix and match black canvas shoes, open the trendy street shooting look, and create a new horizon.

In the winter, wearing canvas shoes, it will be easy to freeze the feet, so the girls have hidden our canvas shoes in the innermost of the shoe cabinet. So now we are about to usher in our most beautiful spring, it is time to act and show the canvas shoes.

How To Match Thick Shirts?


The sophisticated pipe pants are usually used for commuter clothes. The wide and narrow style can also hide the excess flesh of the thighs. It is matched with the casual thick shirts, which not only wears a professional sense, but also relieves tension atmosphere.

2.Shirt+Casual Pants

The simple straight pants can easily “correct” the legs that are not straight enough, and they are very well matched because of the simple version.

The wide-leg pants with a length of nine points are popular, not only without the sensation of imagining, but also with the shirt jacket is handsome and handsome, the same color can best create a smooth shape.

3.Shirt+Leather Pants

Smooth leather pants are a favorite of many girls. The combination of yellow, khaki and black leather pants seems to be a tacit mode!

Whether it is wide school uniforms or casual striped pants, you can wear a sporty sense. The addition of shirt jackets caters to this sporty casual style.

If you don’t feel cool enough, the leather shirt + leather pants will let you instantly show the slut!

4.Shirt + Jeans

The combination of shirts and denim will bring the casual style to the fullest. Thick shirts let us feel this free and easy early.


Put on your favorite dress and take a shirt outside. The sweet shape is immediately more casual, with a simple and easy to wear.

The stylish light gray is a great choice, elegant and textured.


Fashionable spirits that pursue collocation may wish to try different combinations of textures, such as thin yarn and satin skirts, which will bring scent to the styling. The pleated skirt will also bring a girly look.

Denim shirts with large skirts and printed skirts, there is a kind of queen’s domineering.

Suit + Jeans, 2019 Spring Fashion Wear

Everyone has their own style of dressing. The best fashion combination in the spring is suit + jeans.

Plaid is a hot topic in the fashion world. No one season in the year is spared from being disturbed by the plaid. Then, there is no standard answer to fashion. In the spring, choose plaid + suit, with light-colored jeans, exquisite and fashionable. The hem of the trousers is an irregular cut design that highlights the perfect shape.

The gray suit + light-colored jeans with a sense of high-grade, the beautiful minimalist style, but the age is reduced. The inside is our most basic white T-shirt, fresh and white, can enhance the brightness of the shape more than one class.

If you add plaid elements to the high-grade gray, then this sense of luxury can easily catch up with the retro fashion style. This time, the black ones can also be used to create a different kind of beauty. Jeans with a cut-out design add a touch of elegance

The small suit of velvet fabric itself has its own temperament, and the little fairy is the most important step at this moment. The velvet suit + jeans, the contrast between the light and the deep, gives a strong visual impact.

Jeans add a little bit of tailoring, a knife cut design, invisible more than a trace of street fashion. There is no standard answer to fashion, and the gray bottoming shirt creates a practical and free-spirited workplace. The whole person looks very eye-catching and shows a strong gas field. I want to open the spring retro fashion mode. I will pick up the book and remember it. This set is very good.

Spring Fashion Wear In 2019: Suit + Jeans

Gray suit + blue jeans, with a sense of high-level in the sleek, creating a free and easy style. Pick the white bottoming shirt, put it into the jeans, improve the waistline and add a little more temperament, the beauty is just right. The dark gray ankle boots on the feet are simple and uncommon.

As we all know, black is the most slim and most resistant to dirt, and it will not go wrong. Choose a black suit + dark blue jeans, with a touch of vintage in the neat, easy to create elegant style. Get a black sweater with a lotus leaf collar, while keeping it warm. With black boots with polka dots on your feet, teach you to wear a golden proportion of body, full of energy!

Pick a fragrant purple suit, and a black bottoming shirt, eye-catching and eye-catching, to meet your girl’s heart, easy to create elegant style. The lower body chooses light blue jeans, and the black bottoming shirt is casually stuffed into the jeans, which lengthens the proportion of the body, and adds a touch of knowledge to the handsome, which makes people shine. White pointed boots on the feet, simple and stylish.

The plaid elements are timeless and are popular with fashion. What to wear in spring? Choose a gray check suit + light blue jeans, very stylish, full of British style, to create a stylish lady style. Get treasure blue small high collar, play the effect of a clear pen, beautiful and outstanding. On the foot, I stepped on a small white high heel with a wave of dots, revealing a small fresh, full of girlish feelings!

Want to be more picky?Then don’t miss this match, the little fairies are coming over! Choose leopard-print suit + light blue jeans, with a touch of elegance in the streamlined, full of personality, easy to create an elegant style. Stepping on the white booties on the feet, the hidden elegance, more than a little bit, let you stand out in the crowd, have you learned?

The color of the dark is not bright enough, and the candy color is the best choice. Pick a tender green suit, encounter light blue jeans, with a touch of chic in the beautiful, easy to create the elegant style. Choose a white bottoming shirt and tuck it into light blue jeans to create a high waistline that will make you an 18-year-old girl. With white high-heeled boots on the feet, it’s an elegant touch that makes it easy to have a return rate.

Jeans + Denim Jacket Is The Most Fashionable Match In Spring

Jeans and denim jackets are the most everyday items that are indispensable in the wardrobe. Usually, everyone wears a single piece, try to wear a complete set, and the fashion is doubled.

The advantage of this method of wearing is that as long as you wear it together, you will naturally have the effect of Total Look.

1.Fur Collar Denim Jacket + Jeans

In the winter, there is a variety of upgraded jackets with a plush to replace the thin one layer, the denim fabric has a tough texture and the cuff neckline is soft and soft. The lower body straight-leg pants have long legs and straight legs, and the tassels of the jeans legs extend the overall effect, allowing the lower body pants to be connected with the black booties.

The micro-horn jeans make the whole very retro, with high-heeled shoes hidden in the trouser legs and quietly stretched proportions.

The trend of the big logo has returned, and the denim and denim wear method itself is also very 80’s atmosphere, you can choose the matching shoes and bags according to this impression.

A circle of gray fleece on the cuffs adds detail to the details, and also protects the hands from being frozen. The cropped jeans are exposed to the ankles, and the white shoes are especially refreshing.

2.Complete Set of Denim + Hoodie

The soft knitted fabric of the sweater brings comfort and security, and the casual temperament coincides with the cowboy. The newly married Haili always likes the oversized boyfriend’s wind jacket, black hooded sweater and big sunglasses to add body.

The wide-shoulder denim jacket has a sense of style, and the straps on the side of the jeans are similar to the track pants, and the legs are echoed with the boots.

If you have a thick denim shirt, you can also try it as a jacket this season. Like this Wconcept Short Sentence large-profile shirt-style denim jacket is very suitable, made particularly thick, wearing a dark gray hoodie shape is very simple to wear.

The red and blue are put together with a strong eye-catching effect. Wearing a red sweater and jeans is too big. Wearing a jacket and a small part of the front piece is much more comfortable. Gigi white shoes, small white bag and color make the whole fresh.

How To Wear Denim Wide-Leg Pants? There Are Tips!

Fashion is not only beautiful, but also a cultural pursuit. In the feminism movement in the fashion circle in recent years, the designer seeks a kind of softness and flexibility on the basis of feminine femininity, and the mix of wide-leg jeans and suits is the same. Collision creates a novelty of fashion.

Denim wide-leg pants, if paired with the same retro-style double-breasted and checkered suits, strengthen the overall style and reproduce the fashion trends of the 1970s and 1980s.

When choosing denim wide-leg pants, if you directly get into the denim wide-leg pants bib in one go, you will save your troubles for matching. In the denim wide-leg pants, a bottoming sweater is worn inside the trousers, and it is easy to leave the street without losing the chic feeling. You can hold a scene by wearing a dignified suit and a warm teddy bear jacket.

If you are wearing denim wide-leg pants, you can use the same color to match the uniform and distinctive personality, with a clean line of denim jacket, the color preserves a minimalist style, but the whole is full of avant-garde Stylish atmosphere.

The loose trouser legs and the dancing streamers illuminate each other. The denim wide-leg pants are paired with the deconstructed and divided scarf-type streamer tops to bring a taste of life and bring a beautiful visual feast.

Windbreaker, The Most Indispensable Fashion Item For Season!

The trench coat full of British charm has always been the most indispensable style for fashion people in this season.

Windbreakers are available every year, but they can wear different tastes every year. I like the design of the waterproof cover at the back of the windbreaker and the front gun block, which looks very thin from the front.

A soft turtleneck sweater in a khaki trench coat, gentle and intellectual, is the most commonly used matching technique in the workplace icon.

For the windbreaker, the longer is more fashionable, and there will be a swaying gap between the hem and the trousers, and the walk is naturally windy.

Windbreaker + shirt is a classic dress, you can wear it handsomely, or you can tie it up.

In addition to the classic khaki trench coat, this year’s very hot blue is very Korean Style wearing method to brighten the skin.

Jeans, as the world’s most versatile choice, it is equipped with a windbreaker, full of attack!

Windbreaker and wide-leg pants are not only fashion, but also have a large number of styles. If you feel that the wide-leg pants and windbreaker are not chic enough, you can also change into a Drainpipe Jeans to perform the daring temperament.

It can save the trouble of matching but also can stretch the body shape, one piece dress is your safety card!

The skirt adds a sense of layering, and the inside and outside echo each other, confident and charming.

Coolest leather skirt with retro windbreaker, accidental co-production, this is especially recommended that you wear a bright pu skirt, very eye catching.

If the younger girls feels too mature, try using a sweater to  match.