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White Jeans Are Starting To Pop! Do You Understand?

Fear of wearing white jeans is fat? You have not chosen the right style. Skinny jeans have long since passed, and now the loose jeans are popular. The white loose jeans can easily cover the shortcomings of various legs and improve the eye-catching index. No wonder it’s so hot in the fashion circle!

Kendall Jenner’s simple printed T-shirt is stuffed into denim trousers with a pair of tonal high-heeled ankle boots with a two-meter leg. With a super small handbag, it is very easy to wear a very strong gas field.

Gigi Hadid, who loves denim, uses a brushed denim with a yellow checkered suit, a top denim + plaid + denim three-layered street fashion, and with a pair of narrow border sunglasses, the cool girl can learn.

Large suits often cover the waist while covering the excess flesh. The correct way to open a suit in spring is to open it! At this time, with a high-waisted wide-leg jeans, the top is stuffed into the pants, and the ratio problem is solved at once.

Girls who are pursuing a neutral style will add a belt, and when they are cool, they will clearly mark the waistline. Want to create a refreshing feeling, put down the trousers, white denim pants are the best.

Denim jacket + T-shirt + jeans, easy to wear, whether it is conspicuous printed jacket or low-key dark jacket, with a simple white jeans is right, choose a pair of pants, slippers and booties can take stand up.

Choose a short leather jacket + belly short jacket to match white jeans, show a slim waist, high waist pants and the same color high heels, the leg length is instantly added 10cm.

When the soft sweater is loose, you can meet the fairy combination of white straight jeans + torre shoes, and the daily wear like fashion blogger Marie von Behrens is also very good.