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Choose The Dress That Suits You Best According To Your Stature

1.Long Neck

Girls with long necks must pay attention not to choose the V-neck style when choosing the dress, because the V-neck will lengthen your neck line and make your neck look longer and more obvious. It is recommended to choose a dress with a collar style, which looks neat and neat. Can also modify the neck ratio.

2.Wide Shoulder

If you are a girl with a wide shoulder, it is suitable for a long-necked V-neck dress, but it will suit you, because the V-neck can not only show the collarbone, but also the line of sight, and the long line makes you look slimmer. Natural shoulder width will not be obvious.

3.The Arms Are Thick.

If you are a girl with a thick arm, you can choose a dress with loose sleeves such as a flared sleeve and a fluffy show, not only to cover your ‘Kirin Arm’ but also to add a stylish look.

4.Waist Fat

For girls with a strong waist or a small belly, you can choose a loose and long skirt style when you choose a dress. You can also add a pleated skirt as shown below to increase the layering and elegant felling.

5.Legs Fat

If you are just a girl with thick legs, in fact, many styles are suitable for you, because as long as you don’t accept the oversized skirt, you will basically cover your legs, and the thick thighs will be able to get over the knees. If the calves are thick, then choose and barefoot is better.