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Shirt Skirt + Small White Shoes, Full of Femininity

The first is a set of dresses with a shirt, and the white dress is very small. However, this white dress is worn a little like pajamas alone, so tie a plaid shirt around your waist. Shoes with a pair of platform sneakers are more comfortable than high heels, and more suitable for this style.

This white lace dress is very suitable for girls with better body shape. The white semi-empty design is also very popular in the body. We used to wear this dress with high heels, but we wear this kind of girl with painful feet. A pair of white sneakers, the effect is not bad.

Although the five-point dress is very good, some girls prefer skirts that only show the length of the knee. This relaxed and full-fledged seven-point dress is particularly eye-catching. It is a pair of Japanese-style and European-American style clothes. The shoes are paired with a pair of white sneakers. The small leather bag is used in the street and the return rate is quite high.

I am used to Scarlett’s black widow movie, I can’t believe that our widowed sister is wearing such a girl every day! This light blue fishtail skirt dress is worn on Scarlett’s body, which is very girly. The shoes are white sneakers for European and American girls. The simple color is very fresh.

The color of this dress is darker, so young girls are not recommended to try, but if you are a girl with a particularly white complexion, you can also try the pleated design of the skirt, no doubt with classic shoes. It is the best choice, and it can be seen that although there are no high heels, it does not feel that the whole person is very short.

Summer Dress, Wearing A Different Taste

The white sloping shoulder dress, combined with the shoulder-shouldered design, reveals sexy and unique femininity. The overall shape has the help of black polka dots, which makes the look very jumping and lively, and it has a variety of charms. The black thin waistband at the waist makes the slim waist slimmer. The skirt floats with the wind, giving people a feeling of walking and wind, full of sense of elegance.

If you want to easily highlight the age-reduction, this beautiful and elegant pink short-sleeved dress, don’t miss it. The pleated design of the sleeves reveals the slim arms. The split of the skirt and the neckline of the V-neck highlight the femininity of mature women, yet the temperament is not lost. There are black slippers on the feet. It’s a bit lazy and a bit elegant. It’s really hard to think about it.

A light-colored dress is a design with a word collar. The elegant temperament comes in an instant, and the charm value is easy to burst. With a blue piece as a belt, the personality is not too dignified and feminine, wearing a different taste. The power of white canvas shoes is more white and temperament.

The design of the split dress, the full sexy and charm, plus the assist of a straw hat, the variety of charm, the little fairy found no, the holiday comfort, the weather is fine, hurry to put on the dress, Let’s go out with a good girlfriend to travel. Put on a pair of casual slippers and let the world walk.

The youthful green dress has a clear layer and gives a very ladylike feeling. Then, holding a bunch of flowers, you will wear a literary fan. A pair of small white shoes on the foot, the thick beauty in the picture is about to overflow the screen and wear a different taste.