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Shirt + Shorts, Teach You To Be Refreshing And Slim In The Summer!

The shirt is a very serious piece, which is very popular in the workplace, whether it is with suit pants or jeans can achieve a versatile effect. But now, to break the routine, introduce another partner of the shirt, that is shorts~

If the gray has a dull drawback, then this white wave point is its savior, gray shirt, with white dot embellishment, breaking the gray dull feeling, showing a full of lively jumping. A pair of white shorts is a good hand to show your temperament and teach you a refreshing summer.

The classic white shirt can’t let its formal sense bury your temperament. Breaking the routine, choosing a white shirt with a big one, leaving a few buttons on the neckline to create a V-neck design that highlights the feminine taste. Draw your shirt into your shorts and easily beautify your body proportions.

The status of white shirts in the workplace is increasing day by day, and I believe that the future fashion circle will develop again. The status of white shirts will not be replaced. So this time to play with the summer mix and match, the printed shorts, all of a sudden let people feel the romance and beauty of the flowers. The loose version of the white shirt can very well block the bloated upper body.

Blue shirts are more refreshing and more fashionable than white. Some people love white, and naturally, someone will love blue. This world is like this. Blue-breasted shirt with dark brown leather shorts, originally worn in the workplace, now incarnates as a trend.

Avant-garde And Individual Combination: Wide Leg Pants + Loafers

Spring is here, we must not only have natural beauty, but also leisure and comfort. Do you want to wear anything? We recommend wide leg pants + loafers today.

This time to solve the problem of wearing for everyone , because the color matching, it will be a lot of troubles for the little girl. The best solution is to learn to match, simple and advanced. For example, our one-piece wide-leg pants, really, this is a piece that is loved and hateful, but if you want high-profile beauty, a pair of black loafers will be enough.

The striped wide-leg pants that follow the shape make this spring colorful. If the little fairy wants to wear your confident style, then try it out boldly. Even with the flat black Lok Fu shoes, it can give you a different kind of self-confidence, have you tried it?

For those girls who want to be thinner on the dress, black wide-leg pants are your best choice. The combination of avant-garde and personality: black wide-leg pants + black loafers, I believe that the little fairies know that when the shoes and pants are the same color, it is your thinnest time.

The favorite champagne gold is expensive and elegant, and the inside is also a V-neck piece, which is full of temperament. Have you tried it? Or we said that the black is worn, so that you can show the full femininity.

If you want to be a high-profile beauty, a natural temperament, that is, the black system gives, can wear black, that is the real sense of high.

Sweater + Wide-leg Pants, The Most Fashionable Matching of 2019

In such a cold and windy season, we always want to wear the warmest of all. But the down jacket is too bloated, the coat is not warm enough, so the warm and fashionable item in winter is only the sweater.

In the season of being fat, sweaters + wide-leg pants are a weapon to cover the meat! To know that this year’s sweater+wide-leg pants is becoming the most fashionable, comfortable, warmest and most lazy match this winter!

Put the sweater into the wide-leg pants and add a belt. This short upper and long lower wearing method is suitable for small people, below the waist is full of legs. Wide-leg pants can choose this kind of ruffled.

My favorite is still the sweater stuffed in half. Just plug a little bit to show the waist line on the line, seemingly casual is actually a heart machine, high and stylish.

You can plug the thick sweater in the middle, just plug it a little, you can make the proportion on the front side better, the whole look will not seems too casual.

It is also good to put it all in. This method is more suitable for a slightly thinner sweater, which can highlight the proportion and make the upper body thinner.

Also, a short sweater with high-waist wide-leg pants can directly raise the waistline by 15 cm without bragging.

A high-necked bottoming shirt inside, wearing a sweater outside, V-neck will look better. This look is OK whether it is matching with sneakers or high heels.

If you are not afraid of cold, you can properly expose your most slim clavicle and shoulders, not only fashionable, but also super slim.

Dad Sneaker “Upgraded” To Dad Ankle Boots?

Less than a month after the new year, the boom of an “enhanced version” of Dad Sneaker has begun to become popular. The Dad Sneaker that once changed the aesthetics of a group of people have ushered in a more comprehensive “hard core” upgrade this year. However, they don’t look too “sporty” or even “lightweight”.

“Dad Sneaker” become short boots are a trend that is very worthy of attention recently. The uppers of these new sports shoes become higher, it’s too difficult to distinguish between sports shoes and booties. We might call it “Dad ankle boots”. Familiar and easy to remember.

Many cool girls also like this pair of “Dad ankle boots” that look very similar to hiking boots. Wearing it in the spring can make the calf thin and long.

In fact, the signs of “Dad ankle boots” began to appear in the second half of last year. In the spring and summer series of Alexander Wang 2019 released in June, khaki and white “Dad ankle boots” appeared on the runway.

If you have been paying attention to fast fashion brands recently, you will also find that many brands have already put on this type of “Dad ankle boots” in the New Year. They look like hiking boots at a distance, but they are similar to the material and characteristics of sports shoes, such as Bershka.

Since the sports shoes become more and more “rough”, the “dad ankle boots” that combines the advantages of sports shoes and hiking boots may usher in an era of full popularity. After the start of the new season, try to mix and match with skirts. The beauty and not greasy looks are very charming.