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Fashion Dress make you different with others.Here are all expert suggestion on every side of women’s fashion,such as Romantic Wedding,Skin Care Tips,Street Fashion and so on.

What To Wear To Meet The Spring?

The long winter is about to pass, and the long-awaited spring is coming! What to use to meet the spring? I think the sweater is the right person and the temperature is good. If you want to wear a girly look, it is recommended that the skirt be opened for the sweater and the youthful color.

With the same color, the overall look coordination. Pure and flawless white gives a hint of fresh and refined atmosphere, very charming. The creamy white pleated skirt opens for the white sweater, and it’s elegant and radiant. The white sweater with thick knit lines, the fashion is still not reduced, but it adds a bit of temperament, creating a fashion lady style. On the foot, step on the black small high heel with a bow, simple and not ordinary, add a touch of playfulness and cuteness.

Choose a dark brown crew neck sweater, encounter a short red leather skirt, with a touch of handsome, sleek youthful color, create a dynamic and casual style, full of girly. With black ankle boots on the feet, the slim white legs show a tall figure, sexy and sultry, beautiful!

The dark green pleated skirt is paired with a dark gray turtleneck sweater, and there is a sense of high-grade in the beautiful, satisfying your girl’s heart, creating a sense of atmosphere and letting people shine. Stepping on the black Lok Fu shoes, the simple yet stylish style, let you stand out in the crowd, full of energy!

The peach pink pleated skirt is a light gray sweater opening, romantic and sweet, so that you can become an 18-year-old girl, youthful. With a light pink bandage on your feet, you can’t hide the girl’s heart, teach you to wear a golden proportion of the body easily, have you learned?

Choose a camel sweater, as well as a leopard-print hip skirt, which shows the full personality, with a touch of elegance in the streamlined, creating a chic goddess, and youthful color. Stuff the camel sweater into the leopard-print hip skirt, and increase the waistline while adding a touch of modernity, showing a bumpy body. With a small black high heel on the feet, it is elegant and feminine, and it is more than a little high, so you can easily have a high rate of second glance.

Pleated Skirt—Fashion,Beautiful and Warm!

The most indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe is the dress. The temperature is getting colder, and the trousers have become the first choice for many people to keep warm. But the skirt always makes people look sexier. If the short skirt is the privilege of summer, then the pleated skirt is the protagonist of the autumn and winter seasons. The length of overknee gives you a sense of security, and the versatile features can include different styles, and the changing fabrics make you fashionable.

The prevailing retro style makes the pleated skirt return to the public’s view again. The simple and regular lines can be ingeniously decorated with body shape, and the fine folds make it have unlimited possibilities. Whether it is the simplicity sexy of Dior’s semi-transparent asymmetric design, or the modern printing technology on the Gucci show, different styles of design are injecting a new form for the classic style of pleated skirt.

The elegant pleated skirt also needs some details to enrich it. The outer suit jacket is impeccable in terms of fashion and practicality, free and easy but different. It’s also a good choice to combine it with a street-inspired baseball jacket. The looming hem adds a layered look to the overall look and wins with detail. Don’t forget to change your high heels into canvas shoes to make the wearing style more harmonious.

It is worth mentioning that the metallic pleated skirt is particularly eye-catching in the fashion show in recent seasons. From high-profile gold to cool silver, or eye-catching electro-optic blue, the sparkling embellishment between the folds brings a different look and feel, and a strong futuristic feeling adds a layer of fantasy to the look.

You Look Beautiful in A Turtleneck Sweater!

It is said that fashion is a never-ending reincarnation. Who can think that the turtleneck sweater becomes a hot fashion item this season. No matter how lazy to dress in daily life, as long as you put on a slim turtleneck sweater, your overall look will be fashion immediately.

Looking back at the Fall/Winter Fashion Week, from Gucci to Prada to Tommy Hilfiger, both the sporty and the ladies’ models have pushed out sweaters and pieces with high-collar designs.

Turtleneck sweaters inevitably give people a feel of “Formal”, but that’s why it makes it ideal for everyday commuting and work. Matching with simple long trousers and fashionable high heels, and then put on an imposing coat, so that the style is simple and comfortable, classic will not go wrong.

Turtleneck sweaters have two major trends in this autumn and winter show. One is the popularity of coarse-knit turtleneck sweaters, and the other is the high-neck style of fine knits. Their drop-shoulder design is the gospel of girls who has big skeletons. Tired of wearing a coat and fearing that they are monotonous and tasteless? It’s better to try the jacket. The gentle turtleneck sweater softens the tough line of the jacket.

If you can only pick one piece for winter, a turtleneck sweater is the best choice. No one can resist the elegant temperament brought by matching with the side slit skirt, even in the cold winter can make you feel sexy. With a tight skirt, it’s exquisite, and it’s stylish and not exaggerated. If you want to keep warm and stylish, the addition of leather skirt is a good choice. Simply inserting the bottom of the sweater into the skirt will make the overall look more neat, revealing a little ankle and breaking the dull atmosphere.

There’s Only One Super Large Lapel Jacket Between You and The “Trendsetter”!

Cold or warm is no longer a “compulsory subject” in winter. How to dress well in the cold winter is a topic worth discussing. The lapel jacket is an indispensable warmth choice in the winter of snow, and it almost occupies the wardrobe of every person, but only the super large lapel jacket is the choice of the Trendsetter.

Speaking of the collar’s stylish jacket, there are actually many styles to choose from. But with the advancement of the times, fashion naturally cannot stop the step. Nowadays, even the “collar” is more and more styled under the guidance of fashion. The informality has never been the style of the trendsetter, and the beauty of the “Super” is already the vane of fashion.

The black down jacket in the picture is very bright under the large lapels, although it is only black and white, it still does not appear monotonous. In addition, the black belt’s waist effect is better to highlight the line. Black high-necked inside and boots are not uncommon, but the super-wide wide collar makes the vision more malleable, but it has a contraction effect on the belt, let people clap their hands together for this looks.

The overalls and high-heeled boots in the picture have already explained the essence of this set: it’s chic. Coupled with the combination of a wide collar and jumping colors, it is the finishing touch. The blue color on the outside of the jacket is complemented with the overalls. The cool color matching is broken by the color on the wide collar. The combination of cool and warm colors is a big watching point. Plus the careful design on the collar makes this match look Cool and full of flavor.

What to Wear Inside the Autumn and Winter Coats! Look Here!

Everyone has their own highlights. Maybe this highlight is your nose or your eyes and maybe your ears, etc. These highlights may make your beauty less obvious. Maybe these highlights make your beauty more Features, more unique, beautiful and temperament.

Everyone has a heart for beauty, so, is your costume set off your beauty?

After the weather turns cold, many girls don’t know how to choose inner cloth. After all, a stylish and beautiful inner cloth is a very important part,can make you shining and beautiful.

The first choice,of course,is the hoodie which everyone has.It’s great charm lies in the invincible rejuvenation and the omnipotent stacking wear. Hoodies are full of campus style, no matter what age you are in, you can look younger with hoodies! With a retro denim jacket, it is ideal for casual autumn and winter.

The combination of hoodies and plaid coats can be switched between literary retro and handsome.With the pair of small white shoes, you can easily get out of the street!

There is no limit for matching the hoodies. The basic long coat and short coat can be used. The bright color hoodies can also set off the visual sense of color, which makes you look relaxed and effortless.