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Teach You How To Match The Split Skirt

Today I am going to introduce a straight skirt that is suitable for commuting. Speaking of this style, the first emerging image in many people’s minds is Samantha in “Sex and the City”. This American drama is the fashion enlightenment of many people. Samantha is particularly capable and individual. In fact, the straight skirt is also such a style.

Open the straight skirt can cover the legs, with a large span, can be sexy or cold, I believe you have a wardrobe.

This style was once popular, but it was not so hot in the past two years. In fact, it is very good to create a fashionable and stylish look. When you see this article, try to open the closet and use a straight skirt to evoke another heart full of fashionable bacteria.

Of course, you can also try some colors, more street fashion. For example, a vest that I never thought of. Pull up the sleeves of the shirt to reveal the arm, so that the upper body will not be too heavy, and the color of the shirt will not be too eye-catching to make the overall match lose its brilliance.

Putting sweaters on your shoulders in spring is a tried and tested match, so please take out the brightest sweater in your closet. It is no longer a dream to tie your waist to make your legs two meters long.

Blue and white is always a classic. If you are an office worker, pick a shirt that is ingenious, and wear a popular waist-waist young denim skirt.

If you have the heart to look at this year’s Paris Fashion Week show, wear a single shirt in the shirt, not to mention how stylish, go to work, shopping, wear it. Put on your hate high, no matter where you are, your foot is your T station.

If you like European and American style, the blue and white combination mentioned above can still come in handy, handbags and sunglasses, perfect weekend needs such a match.

If you want to feel warm, you can try the nude color, pull the jacket below the shoulder, wear a delicate necklace, the upper body is loose and random, the lower body has a sense of line, wearing light-colored high-heeled shoes.