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Choose The Dress That Suits You Best According To Your Stature

1.Long Neck

Girls with long necks must pay attention not to choose the V-neck style when choosing the dress, because the V-neck will lengthen your neck line and make your neck look longer and more obvious. It is recommended to choose a dress with a collar style, which looks neat and neat. Can also modify the neck ratio.

2.Wide Shoulder

If you are a girl with a wide shoulder, it is suitable for a long-necked V-neck dress, but it will suit you, because the V-neck can not only show the collarbone, but also the line of sight, and the long line makes you look slimmer. Natural shoulder width will not be obvious.

3.The Arms Are Thick.

If you are a girl with a thick arm, you can choose a dress with loose sleeves such as a flared sleeve and a fluffy show, not only to cover your ‘Kirin Arm’ but also to add a stylish look.

4.Waist Fat

For girls with a strong waist or a small belly, you can choose a loose and long skirt style when you choose a dress. You can also add a pleated skirt as shown below to increase the layering and elegant felling.

5.Legs Fat

If you are just a girl with thick legs, in fact, many styles are suitable for you, because as long as you don’t accept the oversized skirt, you will basically cover your legs, and the thick thighs will be able to get over the knees. If the calves are thick, then choose and barefoot is better.

Summer Is Here, How To Wear A Dress?

1.Dress + Sneakers

Mixing dresses with sneakers is a classic combination of this summer. Casual neutral-style sneakers neutralize the sweetness or formality of some dresses, making the dress look easier and more natural. Coupled with the sexy sex of the sneakers, it will also be full of vitality.

No matter what style or color of the dress, as long as with sneakers, you can instantly become fashionable and foreign.

Small white shoes are the best in flat-bottomed sneakers. When wearing floral dresses, in order to make the shape less visually cumbersome, you need a pair of small white shoes.

And there are a lot of small girls who like to wear old shoes, because its thick bottom can be increased! And the dress with the seconds to become sweet and handsome girl~

2.Dress + Loafers

Spring and summer are the world of Loafer shoes, comfortable and light, not picking the feet, better than small white shoes.

Loafer shoes can give you a sense of intimacy, with a elegant dress, exquisite and temperament.

Want to be more feminine, you can choose the elegant flat shoes.

The design of the pointed shoes is full of strong personality. It is delicate and meticulous, which makes the woman’s feet become slender and beautiful, so they are obsessed with women.

3.Dress + Sandals

Dresses and sandals can wear a full holiday style, among which black is the most versatile, whether it is a complicated style or a simple solid color can fully hold.

How To Match Thick Shirts?


The sophisticated pipe pants are usually used for commuter clothes. The wide and narrow style can also hide the excess flesh of the thighs. It is matched with the casual thick shirts, which not only wears a professional sense, but also relieves tension atmosphere.

2.Shirt+Casual Pants

The simple straight pants can easily “correct” the legs that are not straight enough, and they are very well matched because of the simple version.

The wide-leg pants with a length of nine points are popular, not only without the sensation of imagining, but also with the shirt jacket is handsome and handsome, the same color can best create a smooth shape.

3.Shirt+Leather Pants

Smooth leather pants are a favorite of many girls. The combination of yellow, khaki and black leather pants seems to be a tacit mode!

Whether it is wide school uniforms or casual striped pants, you can wear a sporty sense. The addition of shirt jackets caters to this sporty casual style.

If you don’t feel cool enough, the leather shirt + leather pants will let you instantly show the slut!

4.Shirt + Jeans

The combination of shirts and denim will bring the casual style to the fullest. Thick shirts let us feel this free and easy early.


Put on your favorite dress and take a shirt outside. The sweet shape is immediately more casual, with a simple and easy to wear.

The stylish light gray is a great choice, elegant and textured.


Fashionable spirits that pursue collocation may wish to try different combinations of textures, such as thin yarn and satin skirts, which will bring scent to the styling. The pleated skirt will also bring a girly look.

Denim shirts with large skirts and printed skirts, there is a kind of queen’s domineering.

Dress + Jacket = The Most Fashionable Match In 2019 Spring

The spring of the resurgence of all things is full of vitality, and the clothes must be full of vitality. The dresses are graceful, romantic, easy, and easy to take. The most important thing is that is girls’ favorite items.It’s time to expose our fairy tales~

If you want to wear a beautiful dress, you need to add a coat! And some special style dresses with the right coat can also play the role of covering meat.

If you want a girly look and want to be fashionable, which coat and dress should you choose? Denim jacket is definitely the first choice!

To know that the denim jacket is a basic versatile model, it is good to match, not to pick people, and to be young. So it’s not wrong to use a denim jacket to make a concave shape.

I think most of the girls like to have a long skirt fluttering~ but this time the denim jacket will have a short leg to look like a long leg~

Like a small fresh style, you can wear a cotton pure white dress, or a small floral skirt, feeling gentle and temperament~

The military green tooling jacket comes with a neutral temperament, and the mix of the skirt and the handsome and tender, sweet and tough.

When paired with a light-colored dress, it can make people feel fresh and reveal the natural comfort of Mori.

If you want to wear a rustic atmosphere, with a floral skirt, you can perfectly show it~

You don’t think that there is no “gentle” side of the leather coat. Now, with the dress, isn’t that just about everything?

Small suit jackets are not only boring business suits, but also mix and match dresses. The gas-filled suit and the feminine dress collide, whether it is a suspender skirt or a short skirt, it is a delicate match.