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How To Match Thick Shirts?


The sophisticated pipe pants are usually used for commuter clothes. The wide and narrow style can also hide the excess flesh of the thighs. It is matched with the casual thick shirts, which not only wears a professional sense, but also relieves tension atmosphere.

2.Shirt+Casual Pants

The simple straight pants can easily “correct” the legs that are not straight enough, and they are very well matched because of the simple version.

The wide-leg pants with a length of nine points are popular, not only without the sensation of imagining, but also with the shirt jacket is handsome and handsome, the same color can best create a smooth shape.

3.Shirt+Leather Pants

Smooth leather pants are a favorite of many girls. The combination of yellow, khaki and black leather pants seems to be a tacit mode!

Whether it is wide school uniforms or casual striped pants, you can wear a sporty sense. The addition of shirt jackets caters to this sporty casual style.

If you don’t feel cool enough, the leather shirt + leather pants will let you instantly show the slut!

4.Shirt + Jeans

The combination of shirts and denim will bring the casual style to the fullest. Thick shirts let us feel this free and easy early.


Put on your favorite dress and take a shirt outside. The sweet shape is immediately more casual, with a simple and easy to wear.

The stylish light gray is a great choice, elegant and textured.


Fashionable spirits that pursue collocation may wish to try different combinations of textures, such as thin yarn and satin skirts, which will bring scent to the styling. The pleated skirt will also bring a girly look.

Denim shirts with large skirts and printed skirts, there is a kind of queen’s domineering.