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The Most Beautiful Flower Shirt This Year, You Deserve It.

Look1: V-neck shirt

At first glance, is it a single row of shirts that are blinded by the shirt? Thought it is the design of the hollow? This is the charm of the big round buckle, so minutes will make you feel confused. With a V-neck and a slim fit, the sensibility rises.

This V-neck shirt is more of a retro French style, the big rose print of the clothes can be put on the temperament. The entire dress has no button design, enough to see the sexy degree of the V-neck. The lower body is paired with retro skinny jeans, handsome and sexy.

This is a relatively ‘conservative’ V-neck design, the pattern is also treated with small florals, but it is not dense, with red as the background color, in fact, this dress is quite sexy and casual, with retro-style jeans, Simple and stylish.

Goose yellow is a color that is very young and age-reducing. Its V-neck is designed with a small pleated wind. With a puff-sleeve-like design, this dress is especially retro fashion. With retro-style light-colored jeans, the palace is full of sense.

Look2: Lapel shirt

As a lapel shirt, it is a pajama style. If it is only this, it is really worth our choice. But its bug is that it is all handled by small florals, and it is especially dense and lapel, so it is only suitable for girls with a strong temperament.

The same is the pajama style, obviously, this shirt is suitable for the public. The treatment of the wave point naturally brings out some slight French style. The simple half skirt with the abstract pattern on the lower body is a very good match for the workplace.

Look3: High waist shirt

The high-waisted item is always only suitable for a girl, that is, the girl with a very good waist line. The print of this shirt is made of elegant design and lantern sleeves made of sleeves. The lower body is paired with gray skinny jeans, which is fashionable and sexy.

The wave point is always a classic element that highlights the French style, especially with the dark green color, it is more retro style. The lower body is paired with washed white jeans, and the French style is perfect.