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T-shirt + Shorts, Cool For A Whole Summer

The summer T-shirt is like our daily air. If there is no T-shirt in the summer, I really can’t say that I have spent a beautiful summer.

Gray comes with a sense of quality, these two T-shirts are gray, but there are some differences in color. And the T-shirt with the hole denim shorts, it looks more fashionable, which one would the little fairy prefer? Whether it is a small white shoe or a small black shoe can be used on the foot, mainly to see the little fairy favorite. Wearing a pair of sunglasses in the summer is definitely not wrong, and it is cool and sunscreen.

A dark green T-shirt with yellow and red stripes accents the enthusiasm and vitality. This T-shirt fits with the cut shorts, making it easy to show straight long legs. To be refreshed, don’t be sultry, join the small white shoes, instantly light up the shape, refreshing and natural beauty.

A bright yellow T-shirt, the little fairy can wear this T-shirt with white shorts to create a strong visual impact. Of course, if you want to go on holiday, then the slippers will wait for you to get it.

You definitely need a black system to assist, and black sunglasses with a black T-shirt, black shorts, so that the little fat little fairy, you can easily get rid of the troubles of the body. The sturdy and slim black system really makes you stand out from the crowd because you can show your boyfriend’s explosive side in an instant.

The color-matched striped T-shirt makes your world no longer boring, and the red cross-body bag is the icing on the cake.

Blue and white stitching striped T-shirt, full of retro atmosphere, you can come to white shorts, easy to cool down, you can reduce the complexity of the upper body in an instant so that the overall mix has added a bit of fashion. The most stealthy shots should be the pair of red single shoes. It’s hard to think about it.