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Sweater + Skirt, How To Wear More Beautiful Than Others?

The weather is gradually starting to get warmer. Is it time to prepare for the season to start with a variety of spring clothes? The heart that wants to wear a skirt is also very eager. Many people may think of wearing a sweater + a skirt. This combination is really popular, after all, it combines warmth and beauty, and easily solves the temperature difference between morning and evening.

Replace a simple solid color sweater with a design sweater, such as a graphic design to create a bright spot.

You can also try this color-stitched sweater this year, with bright accents to make it easier to wear.

If you want to wear a solid color, you can try to add some small designs, such as a shoulder.

Skirts can be added with some trendy graphic elements. The plaid has been very hot for a few years. A solid color sweater can be fitted with a checkered skirt for a simple retro feel.

This year’s animal lines are also very hot, such as leopard print, used in the skirt is relatively better.

You can also try the zebra pattern, which combines wildness and femininity with a gentle material.

Spring is here, there is no more feeling than wearing a printed skirt.

If the you are good at matching, you can also try to combine the two design items, which is very eye-catching.

The color is well matched, even if the sweater and skirt are simple basic design, it is also very beautiful.

In spring, you can wear some softer color combinations. Pink is the representative of sweet girls, with orange-red, so beautiful.

If you can’t grasp the color, you can add 2019 spring and summer color or bright color as the embellishment in the base color.

If you are not sure, you can try to wear the same color. The color can try the color that is usually less worn, and it will wear a fresh feeling.

In the same color wear, you can also choose a bright color bag as the finishing touch.