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Pleated Skirt With Suit, Beautiful And Slim!

1.Suit + Elegant Chiffon Pleated Skirt

The sleek suit meets the elegant pleated skirt, conveying the visual effect of softness and softness. This wears to meet the OL’s competent professional sense, without losing the elegance and femininity of women.

The conservative black and blue tones should change slowly with the breath of spring. The color matching of the hipsters is very worth learning and learning!

2.Suit + Geometric Pattern Pleated Skirt

When we choose a suit, we will first choose a solid color, then we want the shape to become three-dimensional, and the striped printed pleated skirt can fully meet our needs. The vertical stripes add a sense of three-dimensionality, and the horizontal stripes emphasize the layering.

The three-dimensional and dynamic geometric pattern pleated skirt is fashionable and advanced!

3.Suit + Irregular Pleated Skirt

Influx of people who are pursuing individuality prefers this asymmetrical design of pleated skirt, which is the most basic irregular design. High-grade grey + white boots highlight the temperament, and the color stitching of the pocket of the suit brings vitality to the shape.

This kind of irregular pleated skirt with a sense of design is different in width and length, so you can earn a good return rate!

Choose a combination of pastel colors to match you with spring.

4.Suit + Pleated Dress

The influx of people headed by Olivia Palermo chose a pleated skirt with a dress style that is simple and easy to use. If you are worried about the color scheme, tell you quietly: the black suit is easy to match with all the pleated skirts!

Suit-style coats can also be used in this way, suitable for tall girls to control.

5.Suit + Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt is full of energy, even if it is a boring suit, it is not only easy to take the college style, but also a pair of slender legs.

If you want to add a pair of suit + pleated skirt to the CP, choose a wide belt or a girdle right, and easily converge the suit to outline the slim waist, but also show the self-cultivation.