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How to Wear Chaparajos Better?

Is there a pair of trousers that will allow you to have a personal charm in the cold? The answer is: Chaparajos. So How to Wear Chaparajos Better?

1. Chaparajos + Minimalist Plain Sweater

The leather’s own luster makes the leather pants itself the focus, with a simple plain sweater to minimize the feeling of exotic clothes, so that the whole is full of commuting and leisure. Neutral colors such as beige and gray can be casually matched with Chaparajos of various colors. It is not too exaggerated.

2.Chaparajos+Navy Striped Sweater

From the most direct visual sense, the weakening but not hiding the personalization of Chaparajos can start with the combination of classic elements, such as the stripes evolved from the sea soul shirt is a good choice. The color of the striped sweater is chosen according to the color of the Chaparajos to create a unified overall sense, but the texture of the leather and the texture of the stripes can make the overall appearance not too low.

3.Chaparajos+National Style Plaid Sweater

Gingham plaid and punk leather, the fusion of the two makes the style of the overall look both sweet and individual, on the other hand, because of the different choices of shoes, it presents a variety of styles. Chaparajos and Gingham plaid sweater with Martin boots allow you to sit on the side of the street to eat a string, the next second can appear at the party putting on high heels.