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2019 Spring Fashion Wear – Oversize Suit

The stripe elements are classic, but the vertical stripes are more likely to show a slim effect. Do you know that the little fairies have experienced this slim charm? If the suit is too rigid, get this oversize striped suit with the same color suit pants, it is really slim and temperament.

This oversize suit, combined with the slim black color, is destined to make you thin. With a white single item, it is easy to brighten the brightness of the shape, showing the perfect score, and the full neutral charm is unstoppable.

The black little suit is really the most versatile and versatile piece. It is basically not very picky. If you want to wear a skirt or a trousers, it is all your heart. You can use the black oversize suit + black and white skirt, the perfect casual and comfortable, the charm of the hip skirt is well-known, then don’t dislike the suit is too rigid, which is obviously your fault of wrong matching.

Free and casual slacks have always been with us since childhood, I hope you don’t forget them when you are in a concave shape. The basic suit is too rigid? So youthful and energetic light oversize suit + light-colored casual pants, so wear it to the explosion. Don’t think about how you can be thin, this is the most slim combination.

Going out without a concave shape, how can you afford to dress yourself? Then, please remember that the contrast of dark and light is able to create a strong visual impact. By relying on this contrast color, you can easily stand out in the crowd.

The choice of the inside will often determine the clothing of a person. This is exactly what we often say, the details determine success or failure, does the little fairy think so? Said to wear the top, the suit is too rigid, oversize suit + light-colored handbag, full of personality.