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Loafers + Jeans, Simple And Elegant

The breath of spring is gradually disappearing, and the heat wave in summer is about to “approach”. It is crucial to have a pair of shoes with online values in the spring and summer. I have worn little white shoes, I think Loafer shoes are the best choice, don’t take little Loafer shoes, comfort is more than a little bit, it is an age-reducing artifact!

Don’t take a break from the black Loafer shoes, meet the water blue jeans, and have a temperament in the training, so that you can become an 18-year-old girl, just right. Pick a black T-shirt, stuff it into the blue jeans, not only lengthens the proportion of the body, but also the girl’s sense of fullness, creating a feminine literary style.

If you want a concave shape, the brown little hat is a good choice for people to shine. Get red Loafer shoes, meet with blue jeans, very eye-catching, can not hide the sweetness, create a gentle and intellectual fan, simple and elegant way to open. Tops choose a white T-shirt, as well as a blue silk scarf, which shows the full personality, the small fresh air that can’t be hidden, and the beauty is outstanding.

The same color system adds a touch of romance to the overall shape, which is very harmonious. Don’t take a break from black loafers. When you encounter black jeans, you will be thinner than a little. A simple and elegant way to open. Pick extra shirt, a British style breath, to create a gentle and beautiful lady.

The stripe element is enduring, and the visually slimming effect is not general. It is deeply loved by the little fat little fairy. Don’t take a break from the black Loafer shoes, meet the blue ripped jeans, and have a style and pull the wind to create a casual and free-spirited style. Get a black and white striped shirt, with a touch of handsome, very charming. The beige visor has the effect of a clear pen, and it is playful and chic, making you stand out from the crowd.