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Windbreaker, The Most Indispensable Fashion Item For Season!

The trench coat full of British charm has always been the most indispensable style for fashion people in this season.

Windbreakers are available every year, but they can wear different tastes every year. I like the design of the waterproof cover at the back of the windbreaker and the front gun block, which looks very thin from the front.

A soft turtleneck sweater in a khaki trench coat, gentle and intellectual, is the most commonly used matching technique in the workplace icon.

For the windbreaker, the longer is more fashionable, and there will be a swaying gap between the hem and the trousers, and the walk is naturally windy.

Windbreaker + shirt is a classic dress, you can wear it handsomely, or you can tie it up.

In addition to the classic khaki trench coat, this year’s very hot blue is very Korean Style wearing method to brighten the skin.

Jeans, as the world’s most versatile choice, it is equipped with a windbreaker, full of attack!

Windbreaker and wide-leg pants are not only fashion, but also have a large number of styles. If you feel that the wide-leg pants and windbreaker are not chic enough, you can also change into a Drainpipe Jeans to perform the daring temperament.

It can save the trouble of matching but also can stretch the body shape, one piece dress is your safety card!

The skirt adds a sense of layering, and the inside and outside echo each other, confident and charming.

Coolest leather skirt with retro windbreaker, accidental co-production, this is especially recommended that you wear a bright pu skirt, very eye catching.

If the younger girls feels too mature, try using a sweater to  match.