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Spring Essential, Basic Shirt

When it comes to classics and basic models, shirts are the least picking. With a good mix, it’s easy to have a sense of quality, let’s take a look at the basic shirts! The white shirt is almost the standard of European and American bloggers. If you don’t know what to wear, a white shirt + jeans + accessories can easily go out.

A white shirt with a ruffled court style, with a pair of jeans, has a French style.

Or the collar, with some designs on the side of the front button, even a white shirt, it is not easy to wear a business sense.

Here is a simple white shirt + black wide-leg pants. If there is no color sunglasses and a unique bag, the upper body effect is very common.

It is also very versatile and harmonious with all kinds of jackets, especially with the handsome British windbreaker and retro literary small suit, very advanced.

In addition to the white shirt, the blue shirt is also the basic model, and the cool blue is also very suitable for spring and summer.

If you want to be a little youthful, wear jeans. If you want to take a light and temperament route, it is recommended to choose wide-leg pants with suit fabrics.

The blue is replaced by silky silk, which is very “extra”.

Earth color is an intellectual color representation, so it is also very suitable for commuting. Matching the same color is the most harmonious and error-free.

Or with white, black wide-leg pants.

If you feel that the earth color is dark, you can choose a little yellow, so it is a bit like a dark yellow, and it is not very good to wear.