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White T-shirt, An Always Fashionable Item

Whether it’s winter or summer, you can always see the traces of white T-shirts. You can wear them inside and have proper fashion items. Let’s share some white T-shirts with you, adding a bit of fashion to you.

Although the white T-shirt looks simple, it is so fashionable, white T-shirt + skirt, very feminine combination, especially hit the classic black and white combination, such as white T-shirt + black ruffle skirt, over the knee The length is more feminine than the short skirt. If you feel so boring, try using some small accessories, such as scarves and exaggerated earrings, full of exquisiteness.

The white T-shirt looks ordinary, but it doesn’t pick, it can be combined with any single item, than the white T-shirt + bean green lotus leaf wide-leg pants, very light color, with a pair of bright brown flat shoes, refreshing and neat. White T-shirt with this year’s special plaid split skirt, red deep v single shoes instantly enhance the exquisite look of the whole look, white T-shirt followed by the advanced.

The most common match for a white T-shirt is to match the jeans, but in order not to make the white T-shirt look so ordinary, we can add a little fashionable elements to the jeans, such as tassels, look a little personality, or match a pair of accessories, such as A silk scarf on the bag, a very small French style, or a pair of eye-catching shoes, will make ordinary white T-shirts no longer ordinary.

How to put a white T-shirt in the workplace to do a bit more commute, with the pipe pants is right. For example, the red letter logo white T-shirt + high waist slim black smoke tube pants, simple and succinct, showing the workplace commuting side, if you want to take a little rest, with sports shoes, if you want to be more aerobic, high heels must be To be arranged.