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The Most Popular Middle Pants In 2019

First: Bermuda Pants

From the Bermuda pants of the North Atlantic mysterious archipelago, a name can lay a cool and unspoken fashion position. The length of the pants is not too long, and the man is full of enthusiasm, giving an unpredictable explorer temperament.

The combination of Bermuda pants is not difficult, you can try to pick some “outside the territory” items. What is the territory outside? If the Bermuda pants are masculine, then the tops and shoes are best equipped with some more feminine items, such as shirts and bare boots, which show their personality in a seemingly contradictory style.

A denim jacket can also be a choice if you want to be cool on the previous level but don’t want to be a tomboy tomboy. The cowboy is very neutral, with the Bermuda pants casual extension, if you are worried that the style is too tough, you can mix it with a pair of high heels.

When it comes to shoes, Bermuda pants are perfect for a variety of boots. On the one hand, because the temperature in April is still unstable, the spring and autumn can not be wrong. On the other hand, because the Bermuda pants are not short or short, the boots are exposed to a certain shape, which can just modify the leg shape.

Second: Bicycle Pants

The fabric of the cycling pants is strong, breathable and elastic. Originally it was designed to optimize the riding experience, but now it has become a smashing sacred product on the street.

Yes, the best pairing of cycling pants is the suit! Once the tight-fitting stretch pants and the silhouette suit are combined, any rigid collar and gun collar can be eliminated with one button.

In addition, the “salesman” pockets and bags can also go together. Colors can be bold, because riding pants are often brighter, and if the accessories can be ingeniously contrasted, it will show unlimited confidence and vitality.