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In 2019, These 4 Fashion Items Will Be Sold Out!

As each brand has released 2019 fashion new products, a new round of “grab money” bombing is ready to go, before you still have reason to stay, let us know what fashion trends will happen in 2019!

No.1:Square Toe Shoes

The ballet shoes are too elegant, the street-style Torre shoes are too strong, and the square shoes that between the two have a neutral force, and will definitely become a hot keyword in 2019.

No.2: Beret

As early as 2018, the beret has gradually become one of the long-lasting items. It can not only modify the contour of the face, but also create a literary atmosphere of overall look. It is playful and versatile, which is very suitable for your winter style.

No.3: Diamond Accessories

As the saying goes, the New Year’s head is good, and luck is inevitable. Since it has already step in a new year, you must not miss the bling bling rhinestone accessories to embellish the new face of 2019!

NO.4 :Living Coral

ANTONE official website released the 2019 popular color “Living Coral” (PANTONE 16-1546) in December last year, officially announced the popular color trend of 2019.

In fact, as early as in the spring/summer 2019 series released by various brands, we have already seen the trend of coral oranges sweeping the fashion circle. Bora Aksu and Zero+Mario Cornejo use high saturated saturated coral orange tones as spring and summer collections. The vibrant and radiant colors illuminate the whole person.