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What Kind of Wide-leg Pants Are The Most Beautiful?

1.Sports Side Striped Pants

The sporty style is the same, and the single items on the street are tasted sweet. In the past, a small group of young people loved to wear, which fashion is not loved now?

Strong color contrast is full of vitality, can not help but reminiscent of high school uniforms, pay attention to the upper body properly slim, or the whole person will look a lot, not wearing a loose margin seems old-fashioned.

Since there is a focus on the side yellow-green contrast stripes, it is not monotonous with a simple black sweater, and the whole body is easy and smooth, suitable for everyday wear.

The wearing method of stacking baseball uniforms and sweaters is an advanced version. The number of pieces is relatively large, and the color should pay attention to control and streamline.

The short-sleeved shirt is used as a jacket to reveal the side of the sweatpants of the sweatpants. It is easy to use the bathhouse slippers.

The sable purple top and the trousers of the trousers echo, the visual effect is coherent, and the short pleats on the neckline of the short-sleeved sweater bring a playful and lovely atmosphere.

2.Straight Side Striped Pants

The spliced stripes on the dark background are bright, and the long straight version of the leg is a perfect way to eliminate the wide and small short legs in minutes.

The Houndstooth Tweed Jacket gives the striped pants a rich French style, and the blue lines on the sides are like guide lines, making the shape very powerful.

I didn’t expect the embroidered pajama pants to be combined with the side stripes. The bright blue color makes the gorgeous retro patterns full of modernity and is compatible with both.

Sweaters, small white shoes, classic model girls off work look, jacket can be freely changed according to the climate, leather jacket is suitable for spring season.

It can also be paired with a simple sweater, with a relaxed upper body and a neat body. Like the straight sweater of Wconcept, the designer deliberately made the creases of the trousers very obvious, which enhanced the feeling of draping. At the same time, it also added a few more “invisible” stripes, which was minimal and not exaggerated.

Olivia Palermo uses shirts and sweater vests to create a sophisticated lady style, not to mention the sweater’s red mouth and pants echo, quite elegant.