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Dad Sneaker “Upgraded” To Dad Ankle Boots?

Less than a month after the new year, the boom of an “enhanced version” of Dad Sneaker has begun to become popular. The Dad Sneaker that once changed the aesthetics of a group of people have ushered in a more comprehensive “hard core” upgrade this year. However, they don’t look too “sporty” or even “lightweight”.

“Dad Sneaker” become short boots are a trend that is very worthy of attention recently. The uppers of these new sports shoes become higher, it’s too difficult to distinguish between sports shoes and booties. We might call it “Dad ankle boots”. Familiar and easy to remember.

Many cool girls also like this pair of “Dad ankle boots” that look very similar to hiking boots. Wearing it in the spring can make the calf thin and long.

In fact, the signs of “Dad ankle boots” began to appear in the second half of last year. In the spring and summer series of Alexander Wang 2019 released in June, khaki and white “Dad ankle boots” appeared on the runway.

If you have been paying attention to fast fashion brands recently, you will also find that many brands have already put on this type of “Dad ankle boots” in the New Year. They look like hiking boots at a distance, but they are similar to the material and characteristics of sports shoes, such as Bershka.

Since the sports shoes become more and more “rough”, the “dad ankle boots” that combines the advantages of sports shoes and hiking boots may usher in an era of full popularity. After the start of the new season, try to mix and match with skirts. The beauty and not greasy looks are very charming.