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2019 Popular Color-Part 2

4.Mango Mojito

The golden mango mojito yellow satisfies our desire for pleasure and comfort. It can be very summery or autumn, and the warmth is constant.

From the show, you can feel the enthusiasm of Mango Mojito Yellow, choose it, you will be very eye-catching.

This color is similar to ginger, and it is very friendly to yellow-skinned white leather. The fur coat adds a layer of PVC, which is a bit cool.

Wearing a mango mojito yellow scarf in winter is not bad~

In the spring and summer, you can choose a pair of mango mojito yellow pants to wear a sense of vitality.

5.Terrarium Moss

Terrarium Moss is reminiscent of dense forests, and it is associated with potted plants at home. It can be used to match the colors of various flowers. Among the 12 popular colors in this spring and summer, the golden and yellow lines are very good.

This color is not so bright, there are fewer restrictions on skin color, and Asians are also very suitable.

The mossy green of different materials presents different textures, and the velvet is very noble, with a natural reflector to highlight the complexion.

In the color matching, you can choose the same color of the green color, and wear the layering of the color.

6.Sweet Lilac

Sweet lilac is a lovable pink in the lavender purple, calm and gentle attitude exudes a quiet charm, adding a sense of youth to the warm spring day.

The show in the show is either the ultimate sweetness or the sweetness with a little cool, which gives us ideas for the selection.

In color matching, we can also follow this line of thought, or it is very sweet, with a sweet color on the basis of powder, such as light pink.

Either match the cool colors, such as black, with its mystery and deep balance of sweet lilac girls, sweet and handsome.

Of course, in the handsome retro, you can highlight a little sweet powder, and wear it more accent.

2019 Popular Color-Part 1

1. Aspen Gold

Pantone described the color as saying: the sun-like poplar gold evokes joy and joy, and makes our days shine. Indeed, there is an inexplicable joy in watching this color.

The joy brought by color contrasts with the serious face of the model, but it highlights the color as sunny as approachable.

Wearing a Aspen Gold is undoubtedly the brightest star in the street, and the sporty attire will bring more activity.

If you think this color is shiny, the jacket can be put on a slightly low-key black turtleneck, or choose a Aspen Gold dress as a set.

2.Princess Blue

Princess Blue is a noble royal color, sparkling, and often pay attention to the Princess Kate or the Princess of Megan. If you have seen this color more or less, this is a princess blue that is elegant, noble and beautiful.

Even if it is elegant, it can shine and attract attention, and it also has a refreshing feeling.

Both Kate and Megan belong to a yellowish complexion. Wearing princess blue is still stress-free. Wearing a princess blue in the street, stepping on the kitten, elegant and eye-catching.

The combination of princess blue and black and white transforms elegance into a sense of movement and youthfulness.

3.Toffee Brown

I like this toffee. Have you ever thought about putting too much brown sugar on your body? Warmth is not sweet, low-key without losing a sense of quality.

Toffee brown gives people a warm and happy feeling, the upper body effect shows texture, and it is very white.

This year’s street shooting has a relatively high frequency of down jackets, using toffee brown to balance the distance between young and mature.

It is especially suitable for a windbreaker or coat with a brown sugar brown, and it is effortless to wear a fashionable feeling.

It’s not bad to have a toffee brown inside. It’s tired of wearing black and white ash, and occasionally try new colors, maybe you will see yourself differently.

How To Match Green More Fashion In Spring?

Spring is here, everything starts to wake up with green, full of vitality and vitality. Nature is a palette. Many things in our life are inspired by the inspiration of nature. The spring is full of green fresh and beautiful. But very few people can control this color, because it is not easy to match, so how to match green is more fashionable?

For the season of recovery in the early spring, the clothes should look alive, so the color that matches the spring color is green. Many people think that green is difficult to control. When choosing clothes, they rarely choose. As long as it is well matched, the green dress is definitely the most eye-catching presence. The yellow-green sweater is matched with the turquoise pants. The color will not be too bright and cheesy. It will be beautiful and stylish, and it will definitely be beautiful.

Even wearing a color is still beautiful, there will be some cold in the early spring weather, a blue-green bread dress with a pair of casual pants of the same color, looking very comfortable and stylish, green is not only stylish, and Other color combinations are also very versatile!

Green and white is also very good. White is always wild, with green combination, very fresh and refined, early spring interpretation of the small fresh style to wear it, the green color of the main color is green.Tell everyone that the most versatile match is to match the black clothes. The trend is not to say that the important thing is the very high grade. The early spring ladies are dressed like this, and the spring should be a bit green.

In 2019, These 4 Fashion Items Will Be Sold Out!

As each brand has released 2019 fashion new products, a new round of “grab money” bombing is ready to go, before you still have reason to stay, let us know what fashion trends will happen in 2019!

No.1:Square Toe Shoes

The ballet shoes are too elegant, the street-style Torre shoes are too strong, and the square shoes that between the two have a neutral force, and will definitely become a hot keyword in 2019.

No.2: Beret

As early as 2018, the beret has gradually become one of the long-lasting items. It can not only modify the contour of the face, but also create a literary atmosphere of overall look. It is playful and versatile, which is very suitable for your winter style.

No.3: Diamond Accessories

As the saying goes, the New Year’s head is good, and luck is inevitable. Since it has already step in a new year, you must not miss the bling bling rhinestone accessories to embellish the new face of 2019!

NO.4 :Living Coral

ANTONE official website released the 2019 popular color “Living Coral” (PANTONE 16-1546) in December last year, officially announced the popular color trend of 2019.

In fact, as early as in the spring/summer 2019 series released by various brands, we have already seen the trend of coral oranges sweeping the fashion circle. Bora Aksu and Zero+Mario Cornejo use high saturated saturated coral orange tones as spring and summer collections. The vibrant and radiant colors illuminate the whole person.