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The Stylish Paper Bag Pants, You Deserve To Have It

Instead of taking the old road that everyone knows, it’s better to put on a different color item, and another way to get you to the destination quickly. The yellow V-neck shirt may have this function, which can make you stand out in the crowd, and suddenly become the focus of fashion. It is difficult to think about it. The main thing is that you can also rely on a black paper bag pants, which will let you wear a slimming visual effect in an instant.

For the dark color, it is more difficult to control, because it will bring a sense of maturity, if not worn, it will be really old. So for the blacktop, the design with the trumpet sleeves is very retro, and the girl is full of sense. Light brown high-waisted paper bag pants, learn the pinch angle, show your high waist in minutes. If you think it will be old, black canvas shoes to help out, give you a sense of literary and full academic atmosphere.

Still high-waisted paper bag pants with brown tones, the straps around the waist are very thin, but showing the waist is still no problem. When the brown paper bag pants meet the black printed T-shirt, you can feel the full neutral wind across the screen. It is casual and cool, and it is difficult to think about it. The artistic blue bag adds a sense of freshness to the neutral atmosphere, easily impressing your little girl.

Caramel color paper bag pants walk, if you are worried about bad matching, even if you are old when the little fairy chooses the top, the pick will bring a refreshing white T-shirt, which is age-reducing and atmospheric, and can easily be white.

Striped paper bag pants, it has a slimming effect, I believe it can capture the favor of a wide-size fairy. The high-waist design, with a short black top, makes it easy to wear a “bright belly” effect, showing a unique and atmospheric artistic sense, showing your small waist.

The Hot Nine Pants, The Right Choice Of Shoes Is Critical!

  1. Nine Pants + Small White Shoes

This blue and white look is more interesting than the one with the same color, and this pair of cp comes with a refreshing feeling, do not know if the little fairy across the screen also feel it? The hot blue cropped trousers, whether it is with the top or the bottom, can be grouped with cp. And when I meet with the little white shoes, I feel more interesting. After all, the ankles are there, and the uppercase is charming.

Denim cropped trousers, not only have a hole design but also the hem of the hem, the shape is so rich. Choosing the right pair of shoes is crucial, even if it is a pair of small white shoes on the feet, it will not make people feel monotonous.

2.Nine Pants + Canvas Shoes

The sling is out, it’s really refreshing to wear it in the summer. The little fairy only needs a pair of cowboy cropped trousers with a flanging edge to make it easy for you to reveal your ankle. Choosing the right pair of shoes is very important. If you give a pair of dark green canvas shoes, you can create a different kind of beauty.

What color canvas shoes are the most classic? That is also a black system, how to wear it will not be outdated. Little Fairy only needs a reference white T-shirt with blue denim cropped trousers, which can make you picturesque and interpret summer with fashion.

Finally, let’s take a look at this set of pure white T-shirts with blue cropped trousers. Is it a very fresh seaside smell? The gray canvas shoes that everyone is familiar with, let you avoid cheesy, show the fashionable atmosphere, and wear confidence.

3.Nine Pants + High Heels

I am used to black high heels, can you not try red high heels? Stylish and feminine, and polka-dot shirts, with a stylish interpretation of the summer, let you easily win at the starting line.

White T-shirt + Trousers, Stylish And Cool

When it comes to trousers, many people think that they should be put together with suits and shirts to make commuter clothes. But in fact, with a little thought, the trousers can also be separated from the formal wear category and become a fashionable item. For example, it is worn with Torre shoes, T-shirts and sweatpants.

When it comes to trousers, many people think that they should be put together with suits and shirts to make commuter clothes. But in fact, with a little thought, the trousers can also be separated from the formal wear category and become a fashionable item. For example, it is worn with old shoes, T-shirts and sweatpants.

Don’t forget that the white T-shirt is a moving reflector, and the photographer likes to put a white foam board in front of it every time he shoots a model. Wearing a sneaker trousers will look radiant when you go there.

If you’re worried about a plain T-shirt with trousers, it’s boring, and you can have a big shoulder bag with a bright color.

In addition to plain color, there are many suits and suits to choose from, and the striped plaid doesn’t need to be said. It is suitable for class or commute with casual shoes and backpacks.

Think this is not cool enough? Then add a few more fashion items, such as silk scarves. The visual impact of plaid pants is stronger than that of pinstripes. When the trousers of the cropped trousers are paired with the old sneakers, the part of the ankles will be extraordinarily thin in the middle.

Matching the layering from the dark color scheme requires some accessories to embellish. The trousers with small boots and integrated with the booties are very smart and slim.

Just use your creativity and wear a wrap-around chest or vest outside the T-shirt. Different designs will make the overall look fresh.

The long white shirt is lined in the trousers on the front side, with a pair of designer shoes and a unique hat. With simple changes, you can turn the most serious set of seconds into fashion.

4 Single Shoes That Must Be Bought In 2019!

No.1:Grandma Shoes

In the past two years, the fashion circle has created a French retro style, and to create this effortless french chic, comfortable retro grandmother shoes will definitely be the essential finishing touch to better highlight Come out with the glamorous charm of casual laziness.

The French girl Jeanne Damas, which everyone loves, is almost always worn with all-in-one grandma shoes. It combines vintage and fashion, sexy and elegant.

Grandma shoes not only bring retro labels, comfortable thick heels, and just the right heights, you can have a pleasant wearing experience, anyone can easily control.

No.2:Muller Shoes

“Lazy and beautiful” is the most popular style of fashion in the fashion circle, and the return of Muller shoes is exactly the same as this trend. It retains the advantages of slippery and easy to wear, but it also adds a bit of exquisiteness and elegance, which can be perfectly held in any occasion.

The biggest feature of Muller shoes is the design of a heel and heel. It is not only cool and breathable but also has a significant visual effect. Even the flat Mules shoes can help you wear long legs. sense!

No.3: Mary Jane Shoes

Retro style resurgence this summer, how can I do without a pair of Mary Jane shoes? ! The most retro and special part of Mary Jane’s shoes is the lace-up design on the instep, which is full of vintage and very attractive.

As an indispensable classic in the retro style shoe cabinet, no matter how your upper body is matched, the overall style comes with a retro accent, which is very beautiful and very chic.

No.4: Cat Shoes

Cat heel shoes, also known as Kitten Heels, are generally referred to as low-heeled shoes with a height of 2.5~5cm. They are exquisitely small but have a lady fan. Like the goddess Audrey Hepburn, they also have a special liking for cats and shoes.

Just the right low-heeled design can make you feel comfortable and flat, and the height and height of the whole person will be different immediately.

Loafers + Jeans, Simple And Elegant

The breath of spring is gradually disappearing, and the heat wave in summer is about to “approach”. It is crucial to have a pair of shoes with online values in the spring and summer. I have worn little white shoes, I think Loafer shoes are the best choice, don’t take little Loafer shoes, comfort is more than a little bit, it is an age-reducing artifact!

Don’t take a break from the black Loafer shoes, meet the water blue jeans, and have a temperament in the training, so that you can become an 18-year-old girl, just right. Pick a black T-shirt, stuff it into the blue jeans, not only lengthens the proportion of the body, but also the girl’s sense of fullness, creating a feminine literary style.

If you want a concave shape, the brown little hat is a good choice for people to shine. Get red Loafer shoes, meet with blue jeans, very eye-catching, can not hide the sweetness, create a gentle and intellectual fan, simple and elegant way to open. Tops choose a white T-shirt, as well as a blue silk scarf, which shows the full personality, the small fresh air that can’t be hidden, and the beauty is outstanding.

The same color system adds a touch of romance to the overall shape, which is very harmonious. Don’t take a break from black loafers. When you encounter black jeans, you will be thinner than a little. A simple and elegant way to open. Pick extra shirt, a British style breath, to create a gentle and beautiful lady.

The stripe element is enduring, and the visually slimming effect is not general. It is deeply loved by the little fat little fairy. Don’t take a break from the black Loafer shoes, meet the blue ripped jeans, and have a style and pull the wind to create a casual and free-spirited style. Get a black and white striped shirt, with a touch of handsome, very charming. The beige visor has the effect of a clear pen, and it is playful and chic, making you stand out from the crowd.

A Collared Shirt, Show Your Beautiful Collarbone.

In the late spring and summer solstice, it is time to reveal the white skin, and people can’t move their eyes! A word collar shirt is difficult to wear? How is it possible to show off the beautiful shoulders, whether it is matched with trousers or skirts, showcasing high-quality clothes, and let you feel the beauty of early summer.

Want to be an 18-year-old girl? That match with your body will make you shine. Get blue collar shirt, smart and beautiful shoulders are very charming, encounter blue hole jeans, showing the full personality, let you feel the beauty of early summer. Foot-printing Lofer shoes, comfortable and age-reducing, quietly wearing a gentle and graceful lady, full of vitality value, are you heart-warming?

The wave point element is enduring and popular with fashion. A word collar shirt is difficult to wear? Choose a black one-neck shirt, show off the charming clavicle and swan neck, even more elegant, let you feel the beauty of early summer. The lower part of the body chooses a white wild cake skirt to satisfy your girl’s heart and create a creative lady. Gold high-heeled sandals, simple and stylish, show a tall figure, full of energy.

Blue-violet velvet shirts, as well as blue-skinned jeans, are beautiful and beautiful, with a style and a pull of the wind, with a sense of high-grade in the neat, creating a sense of atmosphere. The pointed Muller shoes with rivet design, with a hint of playfulness in the handsome, let you stand out in the crowd.

If you want to be pickier, then don’t miss this look. The white one-neck shirt is very charming. It is washed with whitened denim shorts. It has a hint of freshness in the streamlined, so you can feel the beautiful summer. With small white shoes on the feet, it is full of youth and vitality, creating a leisure art style.

Choose a water blue wave point collar shirt, encounter blue hole jeans, can not hide the ocean, let you feel the beauty of early summer. Put the wave-pointed collar shirt into the jeans, increase the waistline and add a touch of femininity, and create a chic goddess, beautiful. Color matching small high-heeled, more than a little higher, let you easily have a return rate.

The Most Beautiful Flower Shirt This Year, You Deserve It.

Look1: V-neck shirt

At first glance, is it a single row of shirts that are blinded by the shirt? Thought it is the design of the hollow? This is the charm of the big round buckle, so minutes will make you feel confused. With a V-neck and a slim fit, the sensibility rises.

This V-neck shirt is more of a retro French style, the big rose print of the clothes can be put on the temperament. The entire dress has no button design, enough to see the sexy degree of the V-neck. The lower body is paired with retro skinny jeans, handsome and sexy.

This is a relatively ‘conservative’ V-neck design, the pattern is also treated with small florals, but it is not dense, with red as the background color, in fact, this dress is quite sexy and casual, with retro-style jeans, Simple and stylish.

Goose yellow is a color that is very young and age-reducing. Its V-neck is designed with a small pleated wind. With a puff-sleeve-like design, this dress is especially retro fashion. With retro-style light-colored jeans, the palace is full of sense.

Look2: Lapel shirt

As a lapel shirt, it is a pajama style. If it is only this, it is really worth our choice. But its bug is that it is all handled by small florals, and it is especially dense and lapel, so it is only suitable for girls with a strong temperament.

The same is the pajama style, obviously, this shirt is suitable for the public. The treatment of the wave point naturally brings out some slight French style. The simple half skirt with the abstract pattern on the lower body is a very good match for the workplace.

Look3: High waist shirt

The high-waisted item is always only suitable for a girl, that is, the girl with a very good waist line. The print of this shirt is made of elegant design and lantern sleeves made of sleeves. The lower body is paired with gray skinny jeans, which is fashionable and sexy.

The wave point is always a classic element that highlights the French style, especially with the dark green color, it is more retro style. The lower body is paired with washed white jeans, and the French style is perfect.

Girls’ Favorite, White T-shirt + Skirt Combination

Although the T-shirt is the most versatile item, then there are people, why do you wear it is not good? This is very annoying, especially with a white T-shirt as the main item. How would you match it?

Secretly to teach you a trick to dress and win the magic weapon, that is the same color that people love, I believe everyone will understand. For example, if you choose a girl’s favorite white T-shirt + white skirt combination, deep and shallow color, it is very literary. If you feel that your body is not perfect, then the little fairy needs to think a little more about the choice of skirt type.

No matter what color, in the white T-shirt embellishment, it will look very stealthy, just like this little green print, make the style become very interesting. The lower body is matched with a light-colored check skirt, and the design of the split ends makes the woman’s sense of sight doubled easily. It is difficult to think about it. With the red witch shoes on your feet, you can easily earn a good turn.

If you are the guardian of the minimalist style, then this black and white must not be missed. Girls’ favorite white T-shirt + black and white checkered skirt combination, simple yet high-quality, stylish and classic. The thong sandals are worn on the foot, which is light, casual and comfortable.

Still a pure white T-shirt, it can also be used with a pink split skirt, adding a touch of mature women’s charm. The material of the corduroy makes the shape more distinctive, simple and feminine. The footsteps are the most popular grandmother’s shoes recently, classic retro yet feminine.

V-neck + Skirt = The Most Fashionable Wear In 2019

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. How can girls who have not lost their fat in time get skinny? Today, I recommend a seasonal dress formula that is not wrong, not picky, thin and advanced. It is a V-neck top + a half skirt.

The thin ankles that can be exposed by the skirts, especially the girls who are half-baked in the lower half, are thinner than the pants, and the skirts are all under the waistline, so the two pieces are taken for granted. Small face + big long legs combination.

Suit + Skirt

When the suit is fastened, the neckline is a natural V-shaped. There are many combinations of suits and skirts on the T-stage in the spring and summer of 2019. They are both savvy females and charming little fairies, which fully meet the multi-faceted setting of contemporary women.

The first recommended skirt is a pleated skirt, especially an oversized suit + irregular pleated skirt, which is thin and not serious.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the silky skirt that is visually cool and smooth can also be paired with a suit. The same color will be more elegant, and the belt will make you instantly become a thin and thin goddess.

Shirt + Skirt

The shirt is definitely an important weapon to create a variety of styles. Unlocking a few buttons, the casual and fashionable V-neck shirt will be there. On the T stage this year, all the shirts were unbuttoned to make a half skirt, and according to the number of unbuttoned buttons, they can also be divided into small V, large V, deep V and so on.

In daily life, a more fashionable combination is a shirt + irregular skirt, the top is followed by the rules, the bottom is to break through the imagination, and when commuting, you can choose the black irregular skirt and the basic shirt.

When you are on vacation, the irregular color skirts of the color system are energetic. In short, this combination allows you to exude elegant and advanced fashion tastes, whether you are working or relaxing.

Boldly Try The Bright And Charming Flower Shirts, There Is Always One That You Like.

As the weather gets hotter, more and more people will like to spend shirts. Why do you say that? Because I think of the flower shirt, it is reminiscent of the seaside beach, the beauty of the blue sea and the blue sky, it is really difficult to resist the temptation.

Flower shirts can be used not only for vacations but also for you to show off your good clothes in the workplace. For example, with a high-waist A-line skirt, is it very own personality style, there is always a one you like. And the black A-line skirt can also be slim and temperament, even if it is out of the street, it will also make you the focus of everyone.

Boldly try bright and charming flower shirts, but also need a good hairstyle to match, for example, in a short hair that is handsome, it should be a lot of little fairies like but dare not try. The little fairy can try to tie up the flower shirt and show off your little waist. Is it cool?

If you want a more retro style, then you need a different kind of polka-dot wide-leg pants to take it, slim and say it again, this combination is really slim, there is always a one you like. I don’t know why, when I first saw this match, I let my mood relax and I didn’t have the slightest burden. If you want to get rid of the stress of work, you can be lazy in the usual time. You can try this combination.

I don’t know if the little fairy is worried about the problem of the flower shirt being difficult to control after choosing the flower shirt. In fact, the little fairies that will be matched know that if you don’t know the mix of the bottoms, you can directly get the classic jeans to match, and easily transform into a flower fairy, so that you can be more natural and fresh. The white strappy shoes are temperamental and elegant.

White shirt did not watch? A flowered shirt with green accents makes the little fairy easily transform into a flower fairy in the spring flowers. Paired with crisp white trousers, it highlights the perfect temperament. And the white trousers are very easy to control, and the versatile and temperament, the little fairy no longer have to worry about the problem of fashion error.