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2019 Popular Color-Part 1

1. Aspen Gold

Pantone described the color as saying: the sun-like poplar gold evokes joy and joy, and makes our days shine. Indeed, there is an inexplicable joy in watching this color.

The joy brought by color contrasts with the serious face of the model, but it highlights the color as sunny as approachable.

Wearing a Aspen Gold is undoubtedly the brightest star in the street, and the sporty attire will bring more activity.

If you think this color is shiny, the jacket can be put on a slightly low-key black turtleneck, or choose a Aspen Gold dress as a set.

2.Princess Blue

Princess Blue is a noble royal color, sparkling, and often pay attention to the Princess Kate or the Princess of Megan. If you have seen this color more or less, this is a princess blue that is elegant, noble and beautiful.

Even if it is elegant, it can shine and attract attention, and it also has a refreshing feeling.

Both Kate and Megan belong to a yellowish complexion. Wearing princess blue is still stress-free. Wearing a princess blue in the street, stepping on the kitten, elegant and eye-catching.

The combination of princess blue and black and white transforms elegance into a sense of movement and youthfulness.

3.Toffee Brown

I like this toffee. Have you ever thought about putting too much brown sugar on your body? Warmth is not sweet, low-key without losing a sense of quality.

Toffee brown gives people a warm and happy feeling, the upper body effect shows texture, and it is very white.

This year’s street shooting has a relatively high frequency of down jackets, using toffee brown to balance the distance between young and mature.

It is especially suitable for a windbreaker or coat with a brown sugar brown, and it is effortless to wear a fashionable feeling.

It’s not bad to have a toffee brown inside. It’s tired of wearing black and white ash, and occasionally try new colors, maybe you will see yourself differently.