Sweater + Wide-leg Pants, The Most Fashionable Matching of 2019

In such a cold and windy season, we always want to wear the warmest of all. But the down jacket is too bloated, the coat is not warm enough, so the warm and fashionable item in winter is only the sweater.

In the season of being fat, sweaters + wide-leg pants are a weapon to cover the meat! To know that this year’s sweater+wide-leg pants is becoming the most fashionable, comfortable, warmest and most lazy match this winter!

Put the sweater into the wide-leg pants and add a belt. This short upper and long lower wearing method is suitable for small people, below the waist is full of legs. Wide-leg pants can choose this kind of ruffled.

My favorite is still the sweater stuffed in half. Just plug a little bit to show the waist line on the line, seemingly casual is actually a heart machine, high and stylish.

You can plug the thick sweater in the middle, just plug it a little, you can make the proportion on the front side better, the whole look will not seems too casual.

It is also good to put it all in. This method is more suitable for a slightly thinner sweater, which can highlight the proportion and make the upper body thinner.

Also, a short sweater with high-waist wide-leg pants can directly raise the waistline by 15 cm without bragging.

A high-necked bottoming shirt inside, wearing a sweater outside, V-neck will look better. This look is OK whether it is matching with sneakers or high heels.

If you are not afraid of cold, you can properly expose your most slim clavicle and shoulders, not only fashionable, but also super slim.

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